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Ultimate Fun Back To Homeschool Ideas

Kids headed back to school with their teacher

For most kids, the words fun and school do NOT go together. That is understandable. No matter what happens during the school year, thinking about school after summer may bring back memories of tests, studying, frustration, boredom, and more unpleasantry. We can help our children put some fun memories into their schooling, with these ultimate fun back to homeschool ideas.

Every year homeschool parents start anew to make back to school memorable – and motivating for kids. Even if your family does year-round homeschooling, making special events to celebrate another year is worth every effort.

These ultimate fun back to homeschool ideas will give you an excellent start to making back to your homeschool fun. Over the years you can develop some ideas of your own – don’t forget to share them with others or us!

Some homeschool families make the mistake of letting back to homeschool fall into a humdrum and monotonous routine. Back to homeschool fun isn’t only for the public school kids. We can make this time of year fun and engaging – even more so.

Making back to homeschool important is the key to catapulting the year into a whirlwind that you are all enthused about. It is up to us to make this time of the year fun.

 Back to school supplies for homeschoolers

Here are our ultimate fun back to homeschool ideas for you to try:


No matter how long you have homeschooled, kids love to get new school supplies. It is just a “thing.” They don’t need to get an elaborate list of supplies like public school students, but a handful of supplies that they can pick themselves is fun for them.

You also don’t need a new back to homeschool wardrobe, but getting your kids a few new clothing items helps their morale a bit when knowing they need to tackle a whole new school year.


Why not celebrate another year of homeschooling? Celebrate a year of freedom from the restrictions of traditional schooling. This is NOT a bashing public school party but an appreciation-to-choose party.

You can make the party as decked out or as simple as you would like. Choose to do a few things at the party that your kids couldn’t do in a public school setting like:

Wear pajamas to the party.

Bake some cupcakes.

Watch a movie to do a movie study.

Take 20 – 30 minutes and have a dance-off. (Yes, mom should also participate in this dance-off.)

Preschool kids headed back to school


We all see some pretty awesome homeschool back to homeschool photos with a child’s year/level on a sign. I don’t mean this type of photo, although you very well can do these as well for keepsakes. I mean, think up a challenge and send your kids off to take a back to school photo.

It can be a competition or an assignment. Who can come up with the best back to school photo? Or assign your students to take each other’s back to homeschool photo.

You could even post each child’s assignment photo on Facebook or email thephotos to family members. Everyone can vote which photo is the best and the winner gets a reward (i.e., an extra hour outside, an extra hour sleeping in or staying up late, favorite dinner at the end of the week, etc.)


Binders make great homeschool resources. Purchase binders with a front clear sleeve so that your kids can develop their own notebook designs. Sometimes the binders have sleeves in the front and back covers.

Let your children use this notebook binder to be different, to express themselves, and personalize their notebook fter their unique character. 

Your family can get as creative as they would like on the binders. Here are a few ideas to help you all get creative:

  • Use stickers and drawings.
  • Use PicMonkey or Canva to create a custom image (Dimensions: 816px by 1056px). They can write quotes on the image and place their names on the image with any font they choose. Note: Parents or older siblings can sit down with younger kiddos, and have them pick and choose what they like as you/their sibling creates it.
  • Use washi tape to decorate the cover.
  • Use craft materials on a white sheet of paper to go in the sleeve.
  • Kids can place a small design of their weekly schedule as part of their binder cover.

Back to homeschool with Dad


There is nothing like letting your children select their own learning experience for the homeschool year. Surely, we can tailor their lessons to a particular interest. However, this is taking their interests to the next level.

Grab a jar and place a slew of ideas for an additional homeschool resource/experience to do during the homeschool year. Here are some examples of extras they will love:

  • An extra field trip to the zoo
  • An extra field trip to the library
  • Using a learning app for a particular subject
  • Learning a new language
  • FREE Friday IOU
  • FREE Pajama day
  • Extra dance class
  • Country/culture study of their choice
  • Pick-your-own Luma Learn online course

Children respond to having ownership over a decision and being a part of their homeschool planning.

Did you think we were done?  Here are some simple ideas to add to this ultimate fun back to school ideas for your homeschool:

  • Give your kids a back to school survey and ask how this year can improve.
  • Jointly think of a yearly motivational theme or Bible verse to display in the homeschool area.
  • Make their favorite meals the first week or two back to homeschool.
  • Give your kiddos a back to school bag full of goodies.
  • Draw or paint self-portraits to display.
  • Create your own back to homeschool tradition; celebrate growth on a corner wall or go out to breakfast the first Friday back to homeschool.

Now we are done. What is great about these ideas is that none will break the bank. These aren’t ideas that will cause you to wreck your brain or that will create a big ordeal.

Each idea celebrates the great benefit to being able to homeschool and commemorates a wonderful homeschool journey for your family. Does your family have some fun back to homeschool ideas? Share them with us in the comments section below.

Ultimate Fun Back To Homeschool Ideas to make this time of year as fun as it can be. I know you'll love these back to school ideas. #backtohomeschool #backtoschool #lumalearn #onlinecourses


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