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Recent Executive Order Could Provide Government Money for Homeschooling

On Monday, December 28, 2020, President Trump signed an Executive Order responding to school shutdowns in the wake of COVID. Experts show that the lack of quality education has long-term effects on students’ success. In response, Trump allocated monies for scholarships to target disadvantaged and low-income families in order to provide learning scholarships that allow families more educational options. This includes government money for homeschooling, private school, special education, private tutoring, and other life-changing options for underserved Americans.

How Does This Affect The Homeschool World?

In addition to providing resources towards private school, tutoring, and special education and therapy, Section 2.ii of this order specifies that the scholarships will include government money for homeschooling.

The order does not explain how parents can take advantage of these funds, nor details of when or how much funding will be available. However, we in the homeschool community count this as a definite step forward. The past months have seen marked growth not only in the number of homeschoolers in the United States, but also in the general acceptance of homeschooling as a legitimate schooling option, and of the number and quality of resources available to homeschooling families. 

The truth is, current homeschool families homeschool because they believe in it. And as a result, will find any way to make it work. So this order won’t necessarily change much for those of us who have been homeschooling for years, other than perhaps providing opportunities for us to take advantage of more resources such as online classes and private tutoring when necessary.

The real advantage is for those who never saw homeschooling as an option before. Single-parent families simply don’t have the financial flexibility or the time to seriously consider homeschooling. Sure, quality resources like are constantly improving and increasing resources. But without a budget available, many low-income families are limited to the taxpayer-funded public education options. . . until now.

How Do We Take Advantage?

The assumption is that this executive order will provide funds through state treasuries. We also assume that details on how and where to apply for these funds will be forthcoming. However, one of the best things you can do now is to do your homework.

If you’re just considering homeschooling options or even considering supplementary options for your kids who are enrolled in public school, we suggest you begin looking at what is available to you. Look through the class catalog for January courses that would help to supplement your child’s learning, and bookmark those. Begin to research curriculums that other homeschool families have tried and tested. We recommend you look at the YouTube channels of real Homeschooling families, such as those of our partners Gabby and Toni, among others. These real-life homeschool moms provide quality reviews of resources they are using for their particular needs, and this can help to point you in the right direction.

You should also get involved in some social media groups where other homeschool families are active. Here, you can ask questions and find guidance on getting started.

We don’t know exactly what’s going to happen with this executive order, but preparation now will help you to be ready. Remember, the January term is literally just around the corner.

Next Steps

Now that we’ve discussed getting your homeschool plan sketched out and getting some support around you to help you look into options and resources, the next thing is to provide your support for this bill.

With Joe Biden as the anticipated President-Elect, come January, things might change. But you can make your voice heard. For that reason, we strongly suggest you do your best to get the word out. Many who are opposed to school choice options such as these, do not understand their real-life impact on struggling American families, nor how access to government money for homeschooling and other educational options can change a child’s entire future. By sharing information such as this article and other related resources, you can help to show your fellow citizens and voters that it’s families like yours that will benefit from these scholarships. So get on social media and tell them what you think!

Secondly, we suggest you take advantage of your local representatives. Call your state and local representatives and urge them to get behind this action. Your representatives work for you, and your gentle reminder can help keep them on the right path. Urge support of these scholarships and an uninhibited path from the funds to the families who need them. For that matter, there’s no reason to limit it to local and state governments. So you might as well contact both Trump and Biden and let them both know that you support these funds going to help provide real education options for American Families.

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