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Three Benefits to Choosing Online Math Courses

High school online math courses

Math. Unless you are one of those blessed, remarkable, miraculous few who enjoy and are good at it, math may be one of the single greatest fears of homeschooling parents everywhere. These fears are so common that online math courses are growing in popularity.

“I was fine with math until they added letters!”

“I barely survived it in school, how in the world am I supposed to teach it?”

Math?!?! I finished my last math class ten years ago! There is no way I can remember it now! And besides . . . [sob] I hate math!!!!”

Any of this sound familiar? As I face the transition from lifelong homeschool student to a homeschool parent myself, these are fears that haunt the deepest recess of my most troubled dreams. Despite all our principled furor about how “every parent is qualified to homeschool their child!” many of us are downright afraid to try it with mathematics.

Thankfully, there are a wealth of resources available to you online that can not only get your kids through but help them thrive. With that in mind, let’s look at my favorite online learning hub – Luma Learn! You can find online math classes at Luma Learn that will offer you at least three major benefits.

High School Student in Math Class

#1 – Finding Math Course Expertise

I think every homeschool parent feels the value of this. “If only I could find a person who really knows what they were doing in math and could take the time to show my kids (and me!) how to work this problem.” Voila!

Enter the wonderful world of cyberspace just teeming with highly qualified math tutors and teachers ready to offer their services.

Take Debbi Demi here at Luma Learn, for example. She offers three math classes and a SAT prep course on Luma Learn. Mrs. Demi has a passion for math, which is an important qualification, and a God-given knack for making it fun. She has 25 years of homeschool experience, and 15 years of experience teaching math on the high school level.

Tina Dewey, also with us at Luma Learn, also has 25 years of teaching experience. She also has a Master of Arts degree in teaching, if you’re into that sort of thing. ? And these are just two of the amazing folks teaching with us. You just can’t find this sort of expertise on any street corner!

Another Luma Learn Math teacher is Kathleen Crady, also known and Miss Crady the Math Lady. She has a Masters degree in mathematics and is passionate about working with students that despite their best efforts, have never “got” math before.

But it’s not just the technical expertise that homeschoolers crave. It’s the ability of the teacher to combine creativity, passion, and individual skill sets to create a unique educational experience to help our equally unique children thrive.

This is another element of the “expertise” advantage that you can leverage with Luma Learn’s online math classes.

Kathryn Helms’ “Color to Teach” class is a great example. Here is a lady who uses arts and crafts to help introduce mathematical concepts, among many other things. Many of us out here in Homeschool Parent Land don’t feel we have the skill or the time to create such a course for our kids.

However, all of us here in Homeschool Parent Land are perfectly positioned to judge if such a course is right for our kids – and more than excited to do so!

The availability of expertise, both academic and creative, is just one advantage to online math classes at Luma Learn. Keep reading if you are ready for more!

flexible schedule online math courses

#2 – Choices in Math Course Scheduling

Ah yes, personalization! Surely, this Holy Grail of Homeschooling occupies an unchallenged position atop the very highest shelf of the Homeschooling Trophy Case (and believe me, folks, it is a big trophy case!).

Is there anything we value more about what we do than the flexibility of it all? Well, the online math classes at Luma Learn are right up the homeschooler’s hallway. Currently, there are 27 different classes offered that at least include mathematics in their curriculum.

These classes range in listed price from $10-$500 dollars, in target age-range from kindergarten to adult, and are both live and self-paced. This isn’t just flexibility in scheduling – this is flexibility in almost everything!

Just about everyone knows by now that the internet has produced a breathtaking array of options in sources of information. There is no reason in the world online math classes should not offer the same to you in math education for your kids! 

Math teacher online math courses

#3 – The Math Teacher Wants to Be There

I know, this one sounds a little odd, but hear me out. The online math classes at Luma Learn are put there on purpose by the teachers who create them. These teachers either sought out or found Luma Learn somehow, and took the time and effort to imagine, formulate, and post the entire thing.

I know from experience that if you do this right it takes no little time and effort. It is a creative process for all of us who do it, and it can be like putting a little bit of yourself out there in hopes that someone will appreciate and sense a need for it strongly enough to fork over money for access to it.

In other words, it is highly unlikely that anyone who posts an online math class at Luma Learn did not want to or does not want to teach it. Unfortunately, this may be somewhat unique among the educational field.

I know enough about Christian schools – including some first-hand testimony – that they are sometimes forced to place teachers into classes that the teacher has very little desire to teach.

It’s a payroll thing, I’m pretty sure, and not a choice, but the fact remains that if your children are in Christian school it is possible they are being taught math by someone who does not want to teach it –  or at least has no passion to teach it.

Combine that with students who do not want to learn math, and you have yourself a problem. Understand, I’m not necessarily intending this as a criticism for Christians schools, though I do have those. I’m intending this as praise for a better option.

I’m not thinking public schools are exempt from this, either. I have never attended a public school, but I have been inside a public school quite a bit – perhaps more than the average adult. Some of the things I have observed make me wonder if all public-school teachers really want to be there, either.

Again, my purpose here is to illustrate something rare indeed that online math classes offer – the very high likelihood of a great deal of passion coming from the folks teaching your kids math! 

So, in the end then, you should use online math classes – with Luma Learn! Whether it be the expertise of the teachers, the flexibility of the class, the passion of the teachers, or one of the numerous other advantages they offer, online math classes are one time you can be sure that x = your best bet.

Written by Caleb Landis

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