Teaching Experience

      16 Years

    Field Experience

      4 Years

    My name is Zia and I love teaching and appreciate effective communication. I have a teaching degree in Art and another in Architectural Drafting. I have been a public school teacher, a daycare owner, a children’s ministry leader, a couple’s ministry leader, a nanny and I now teach online while I homeschool my own child. There was a need for simultaneous interpretation in my church and I rose to the ocassion. I fell in love with it and rediscovered my love for my native tongue, Spanish.
    I love everything creative and have a possitive and compassionate personality. I really enjoy teaching younger ages but have run book clubs and art classes for middle schoolers too. I am so happy to have found Luma. I hope to teach here while openly expressing my faith to others who can respect and appreciate it.

    I was raised in church. We attended faithfully and my father has always been very envolved in serving within the church. I came to saving faith in my 20s and was baptized soon after. I married a christian man and it has been a blessing to grow spiritually together and serve together within the body of Christ. I value my brothers and sisiters in the faith and am aware of the importance of being part of a local church. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Luma and find encouragment among coworkers as well as be of encouragment to my students.

    I love all crafts!
    I paint, draw and enjoy photography so much!
    Digital design is new to me but I have really enjoyed it and consider I have talent for it. I plan on incorporating it into my classes.

    Currently, there are no courses.