Teaching Experience

    19 Years

Field Experience

    10 Years

When we started homeschooling in 1999, our plan was to homeschool my oldest until my youngest was kindergarten age. Then I’d return to my physical therapy career. But we enjoyed kindergarten so much–and I learned so much–that we decided to keep going as long as God allowed us to.
My oldest two daughter graduated from our homeschool, and I have one in tenth grade. I’ve taught science (biology lab, chemistry, and anatomy) and various writing and literature courses in many co-ops since 2006. For the past nine years, I’ve been teaching public speaking and coaching students who compete in speech and debate tournaments.
My husband and I were married in 1992. We moved into the house where I grew up in 2011, and our household consists of my parents, my husband and me, two of my daughters, a dog named Sadie, and a fish named Javert.

My parents raised my sister and me in a home where the gospel was talked about and lived out every day. When I was seven, I accepted Jesus as my Savior. After graduating from a Christian high school, I went to a secular college to study physical therapy. Through a great church, great friends, and the ministry of the Navigators, I grew more grounded in my faith during my college years. The older I get, the more overwhelmed I am by God’s grace.

I love to read and discuss books; mysteries, fantasies, creative nonfiction, and historical fiction are my favorite genres, but I’ll read anything recommended by someone I trust. My sewing machine doesn’t get used nearly often enough, but I love making bags, quilts, skirts, home decor, and other random fabric objects. And card-making is my venue for experimenting with drawing, painting, print-making, and paper-crafting.

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