Teaching Experience

      12 Years

    Field Experience

      12 Years

    Hello! My name is Tanya. I am so excited to have discovered Luma Learn and explore opportunities here. I live in a bedroom community near a larger city in Minnesota. I grew up in a small rural town in Minnesota, attended college in St. Paul, MN and after 9 years of marriage, the Lord called my family to pastor a church in our current residence. With that being said, my husband is the Lead Pastor of our church as well as a school bus mechanic. We have a 10 year old daughter who I began homeschooling this year (Covid related). When we moved to this community 5 years ago I began to work as a reading tutor and then Paraprofessional at the local public elementary school. I greatly enjoyed this job, but homeschooling our daughter was more important to us. I have a BA in Russian language and during my high school and college years I spent much time traveling to Russia and resided there for some time. Ministry wise; my husband and I have lead senior high youth group for a total of 9 years. We have lead small groups and numerous bible studies. More recently I started a ministry called “Lighthouse” for elementary aged girls. The Lord spoke to me about preparing this age of girls in spiritual maturity for attending youth group — that although they are young, they are very curious and its never to early to start plowing the land for His Kingdom. The focus of the group was to do a devotional, fellowship and pray together. Unfortunately, Covid has caused some challenges with this ministry.
    About a year ago, I learned about Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy. I am now a part of the leadership team working along side the Founder of FBEAP. I also have two certifications in FBEAP: one in Stable Families and one in Trauma Recovery. I am also currently a student at Unbridled Bible College and will soon we certified in Horse Powered Reading. And yes! We do own a horse (a very handsome Arabian). We also have a sweet Golden Retriever and just today brought home a kitten.
    I am very passionate about working with tween age girls and helping them to discover their true identity. It is such a crucial time in a girls life and a godly mentorship can plan a very significantly healthy role in character and maturation.
    So, although I do not have a teaching license; I do have a lot of experience in the field working with kids of all ages. I have worked in church settings and public school settings, community groups as well as family groups. I have my Teacher Sub license in the state of MN. Most importantly, I love to learn and I do my best to obey what God asks me to do. And that is why I am here.

    Growing up I was baptized and confirmed in the church. I spent many Saturday evenings attending church with my grandparents. I spent my high school and college years unhinged from any relationship with God. I did not attend any church nor was I interested. When I was 24 years old, I met my husband who was deployed in Iraq and ….. a Christian. He came home on leave and we instantly knew that we wanted to marry. I obviously had no Pastor to church to marry us. He did! I went to meet Pastor Jim and he said that he would marry us; however, he doesn’t marry people that he doesn’t know. I would have to start coming to church. And that is just what I did. I went to church on Sunday mornings. I went to bible study on Wednesdays. I signed up for every event. I was hungry to relationship with Jesus. It was at this church that I chose to be baptized as an adult to make a public display of my faith in Jesus Christ. My husband and I got married – we lead church league youth softball, lead bible studies and then moved to a rural town in MN. There we found a great church where we quickly were identified as leadership material and were approached about leading senior high youth group. We did that volunteer work for roughly 8 years. We lead life groups and other bible studies. Took the youth on mission trips. And then my husband was called to Pastor a church plant from this church. And here we are!
    The Lord has helped me through so many life trials as well as victories. I miscarried my first pregnancy. I have birth to my only (lovely) child. He has healed me from childhood trauma – many terrible things that I never should have had to experience. He brought me a God fearing husband who loves his family, his church and his Jesus. He is so very patient with me as I continue to learn and grow. I don’t know where I would be without Him. I would still be lost. Jesus is my example, my mentor, my guide, my healer – He is my everything!

    While I tend to stay very busy, there are a few things that I thoroughly enjoy when I do have some free time. I love spending time at the barn with my horse. I really love reading! I mostly enjoy reading books that will foster growth in my faith; however, from time to time I need something that requires less thought and focus. I love to do some arts and crafts. I specifically like to laminate word art and resources that can be used to encourage others. And there are times when I get in the mood to bake and watch a movie.

    Currently, there are no courses.