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    15 Years

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    25 Years

My name is Suzanne Mangeri. I graduated with honors from Grove City College with a bachelors of Music Education, and was certified to teach both Math (7-12) and Music (k-12). After teaching briefly in the public schools, we were blessed with our first child. My teaching experience includes teaching Sunday School for several years while in High School, as well as assisting with and directing our church bell choir, substitute teaching in different school systems, tutoring math online with Tutor.com for 3 years, and homeschooling our children for over 8 years, as well as teaching various classes in our homeschool co-op. Other experience I have with kids includes babysitting, working at summer camps and volunteering with VBS programs. I LOVE to read, and really enjoy those moments when I am able to help a student understand a hard math concept, or really connect with a character in a novel. I am able to pick up and teach almost any subject, but really enjoy things like Music, Math, Literature, History and God’s Word. I can’t seem to help teaching other people what I learn, so I feel it is at least part of my calling to be a teacher, which is both amazing, and humbling.

I have known the Lord for almost all of my life. My nursery worker, Mrs. Amanda Roller, would walk me and tell me about how much Jesus loves me. I asked Jesus into my heart as a very young child. I can look back and see many moments when God was drawing me closer to Him, growing my faith and trust, and maturing me as a person as well. Recently I have been learning more and more about my identity in Christ, and the fullness of what He has given us, beyond even the amazing gift of cleansing from our sins, and Heaven to come. I long to be perfected in Love, to be a more consistent and powerful witness to the goodness of God, and reality of His Kingdom here in our midst.

My favorite hobby is reading good books. I also enjoy hiking, swimming, soccer, cross stitch and crochet, playing the piano and singing in a choir.

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