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Hi! I am a 30-year-old mother of two giggly toddlers, wife to an amazingly supportive, intellectual husband, and a terribly curious person. I love to know why people think the way they do, what inspired a piece of art, what propelled the development and eventual collapse of an ancient civilization, why some words and phrases ring in my ears long after they are said, and so many other things. And I especially love online learning: as the oldest of seven homeschooled children, I reveled in taking classes from experts on the other end of a dial-up connection all through high school. After I received my B.A. in English, Music, and Classical Studies from Hanover College, I spent a year tutoring writing online before switching to a brick-and-mortar classroom to teach 4th-6th grade Latin and 11th-grade Medieval History at Regent Preparatory School of Oklahoma. It was a marvelous experience, but with my family ten hours away in Indiana, I found I preferred the flexibility of working from my laptop. I signed on with The Potter’s School, the same homeschool tutoring company my mother had worked for while I was in high school, and deeply enjoyed teaching English writing, composition, and grammar to students from grade school through high school for four years. During that time I met my husband, moved to Pennsylvania to marry him, and give birth to my firstborn son. Parenting a newborn became my top priority, so I resigned from The Potter’s School but retained the hope that before long I would teach again–at the very least, I plan to homeschool my own children! Luma Learn is a great opportunity for me to try dipping my toe back into the teaching waters without taking on too heavy a workload.

It probably goes without saying that we are a Christian family, but here are some details: we attend an Evangelical Free church in our community and love spending time with our small group based out of that church 2-3 times a month. We also really love the creative arts gathering that meets at our church once a month, where we examine all kinds of art (music, paintings, poetry, dance, mixed compositions, etc.) through the lens of how well we can represent God’s truth and beauty and connect to the promptings of his Holy Spirit through the work we create.

Aside from that, I volunteer with the new mothers meal ministry and another non-profit that reaches out to underprivileged women and their children. I love to write, especially poetry and essays, but I have a ROUGH draft of a novel after a successful National Novel Writing Month run, as well as 30 pages of another unfinished novel and endless ideas scattered on bits of paper or Word documents. I love grammar but usually ignore the rules in casual conversation so as not to appear stiff (you tell me, is it working?)! I love the outdoors–I grew up on 16 acres of land!–and long for the day when I have a yard for my boys to run around in (right now we live in a town home). I love cooking, but the fire alarm in my kitchen does not.

And I love Latin, which I’ve studied since 3rd grade thanks to my mother’s pioneering homeschool efforts! One of the greatest joys I’ve ever had was teaching Latin to grade schoolers, firstly because we all had SO much fun, and secondly because it amazed me to see their confidence grow as they mastered something that seems so strange and foreign at the start. Also, it’s hard not to delight in the opportunity to share your excitement over something you love, and I simply love the sound, the feel of Latin words when I say them, and the rich ecclesiastical and ancient history that accompanies the language. I would love the opportunity to share that joy with a new group of young learners in the coming year!

I grew up in a Christian home that, while seriously committed to the faith, was highly legalistic, so I did not understand the beauty and joy of grace through Jesus Christ for most of my life. I behaved very well and could argue theology all night long, but I was always afraid of disappointing God and being rejected by him. Very gradually, through the kindness of new friends in college and some key mentoring, I learned what a personal relationship with God through the Holy Spirit looked and felt like. I began to really value attending church for the first time in my life (despite my family’s conservative nature, attending church was actually generally frowned upon) and joined a small group my senior year of college. Since then, I’ve worked to invest in a local church wherever I am and cultivate relationships with the rest of the body. I’ve come to believe that a great deal of God’s practical work in us comes through the agency of his body–our brothers and sisters in Christ whom we let into our lives so that they might walk with us and we with them, drawing us all closer to the heart of Jesus.

I really began to experience grace on a deep level after marrying my long-suffering husband (praise be to God!). We’ve been married for 5 years, and my growth during that time seems enormous compared to the parched despair that characterized much of the rest of my life before. I have a wonderful mentor in my pastor’s wife and have recently begun Christian counseling to address some of the false ideas I’ve lived with for so long, and the experience has already been deeply encouraging. I am excited and hopeful about what God is about in my heart these days, possibly more than I ever have been, and I am experiencing more and more that even in the hardships, and even in my failures, Jesus is always working to bring about my good and his glory. Praise be!!

In what little free time I have with two small children, I enjoy composing music, writing poetry and song lyrics, plotting and drafting fantasy and sci-fi novels, baking and cooking elaborate dishes, reading, and playing video games. I also love to be outside whenever I can, either taking walks or pottering about in my little front garden plot. I especially enjoy exploring new parks with my children! And, being the introvert I am, I thrive on in-depth conversations over complicated, creative topics with close friends.

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