Teaching Experience

    13 Years

Field Experience

    30 Years

I am a Christ-follower, husband, father, and son in that order. My walk with the Lord (see below) has been strengthening over the past 34 years. I am happily married to my help-mate, Vicki, for almost 22 years. I have six children whose ages range from 18 to 4 (July 5th) years of age; three girls and three boys.

I have a Master’s of Divinity degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, being in full-time ministry for a bit over 13 years, with 5 years working directly with youth and 8 years of being the senior pastor. After leaving the pastoral position, I came alongside a friend and preached and taught Sunday School for another 3 years. Currently, I and my family are attending a Baptist church where I have been asked to do pulpit supply on occasion and do a bit of Sunday school, while informally discipling a good friend.

Outside of ministry, I left home at 18, joining the US Navy for a six-year enlistment as a nuclear electrician. Between college and seminary, I worked for a mortgage company in their customer service department and warehouse accounting department. The Lord used this company to financially bless me during my time in seminary, returning to that company full-time as I waited for an opportunity for a position of pastoral ministry open. After thirteen years of ministry, I have worked for a masonry company; the local chamber of commerce; and may be starting part-time employment with the US Postal system.

I was raised in a Christian home, being baptized as a believer at 10 years of age. Sadly, my parents announced that they were going to be divorced at the end of my junior year of high school. During that summer, I realized that my faith had to be my own and not dependent upon my father’s faith. At that moment, I started to drink in God’s Word. Though money was tight, my dad bought me my first study Bible and sent me to a Christian camp in Este Park, CO.

I started going in faith, reading the Bible and good Christian books from authors like John MacArthur and R. C. Sproul. It took a few years, but I was able to finish the reading of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation. I built a passion for attending and participating in church as I left home for serving my country in the Navy. At the end of my time of service, I was able to attend Moody Bible Institute in fulfilling my call to full-time ministry, continuing my walk and growth in Christ. Between my graduation from MBI and my first year of seminary, I was blessed with my bride, Vicki, whom I have been married to going on 22 years.

During my time at MBI, I was challenged towards spiritual growth through putting my faith into practice: doing jail ministry, preaching the good news to those incarcerated, and discipline those who were called out by God. I carried this attitude of ministry to this day. Though I have had 13 years of full-time ministry, I continue ministering by filling pulpits and teaching as needed by the church I and my family attend.

I love to read both fiction and non-fictional works. I have edited two books and would love to see this blossom into a side job for income. I am an avid card player, playing a wide range of card games from pinocle to euchre and anything in between. On top of this, I greatly appreciate listening to, judging, and taking part in formal debates.

Having six children, I enjoy spending time with them whether it is teaching them how to drive, to playing basketball, to taking walks enjoying the outdoors.

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