Teaching Experience

      7 Years

    Field Experience

      6 Years

    Hello my name is Sharon Spencer! I am a proud wife of a U.S. Army Officer and a mother to two wonderful young children who I homeschool. I have traveled to three continents, as well as most States in the United States and lived in many cities! The result is a creative, interactive and personalized approach to teaching life skills. The content of my lectures is meant to be a resource for anyone curious about learning and wanting to understand the concept of multiple topics. My travels around the world have encouraged me to merge my adventures with my passion for teaching. Learners of all ages who are driven by curiosity and a love of learning new things will be intrigued by my classes.

    I was born in Philippines though lived most of my life in the United States. I have 12 years of college and teaching experience with degrees and certifications primarily in computer programming. I studied various other fields such as photography, astronomy, nutrition and business. I am eager to teach subjects that I love which include reading, math, arts & crafts, programming, spelling, makeovers, story-telling and time-management. As a teacher, I am also always looking forward to learning from my students. It is my belief that we all have something to teach one another as we all have different experiences. Every topic has the potential to foster great class discussion and I encourage the exchange of ideas and questions. I look forward to participating in a fun and interactive online learning experience!

    My mission is to provide a comfortable environment for lifelong learners. I will be establishing clear learning objectives that each student will be able to follow with clarity and focus. Recognizing that there are different learning styles, I will implement various methods in my classes to aid with visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic learning. I encourage learning through interactivity, real-world purpose, discussion and reflection. I believe in nurturing my students interests and allow them to take control of their own learning experience through repetition and self-discovery. I love to see how each child develops their talents and gifts through exploration.

    My faith journey has been a part of my life being that I was raised knowing about God. In high school I learned how to lean more on God and heavily got involved with church activities. My journey continued with my husband as we both attended Northwest University. I’m one semester from graduating with my degree with a focus on Missions. My husband double majored in Pastoral and Bible Literature. I have gotten closer to God through our marriage and especially when we had children. The Lord is where my strength truly come from especially mentally. I have recently connected with a Christian life couch to help me with anything I might need guidance with as well as for accountability. I love the Lord and continuously am trying to seek Him regularly in my life as I set a good example with our family especially for our children. One of the ways I’ve incorporated to seek God together as a family is to start with our Bible reading every morning even before with start our life schooling on weekdays. I want to live my life for the Lord and am so blessed to have found this opportunity.

    My interest is in teaching and have been homeschooling my 6th and 4th graders/children from the beginning. I enjoy organizing, cooking and reading. My joy is to spend as much time together as a family focusing on our children while they are young which takes most of my energy and time. I also enjoy spending time together as a married couple going on drives, eating and laughing. I have recently taken up the hobby of interior designing mainly updating our house and sorting the layout lately. My primary goal is to have a healthy contestant relationship with God and including Him in our daily activities from saying good morning to him also, praying unceasingly and fellowship together as a family on Sundays. I feel having a healthy family that seeks God is a great witness in it’s own to others. I love talking about the Word with my mom and sister also. I miss going out and bout with friends and family. I do enjoy to travel and love my sleep time like most mothers.

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