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      35 Years

    Field Experience

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    Hello! I’m an Iowa girl! I was born and raised in Iowa, but after completing my education degree at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa, I moved to Denver, Colorado, to begin my teaching career in a Christian school. Little did I know that God would move me even further away to teach in a mission school in Brazil! I’ve spent over 1/2 of my adult life as a missionary teacher, pastor’s wife, and children’s worker in Brazil. I met my husband while in Brazil and we raised our 3 kids near the sprawling northeast city of Fortaleza. We are currently on home assignment back in the States–and living in Iowa! My love for teaching started while in junior high and since that time I’ve been teaching in Sunday School, ladies’ meetings, in public school classrooms, in Christian school classrooms, in a one room schoolhouse, to my own children as homeschoolers, and also teaching online for the past 2 years. I’m never one to lecture unless I have plenty of props, games, and interaction with my students to help with the learning process. I am excited to be able to have the opportunity to teach your child in this online setting!

    My growing up years were as a PK–Pastor’s Kid. However, at a very young age I realized that any decision I would make about God would have to be my own decision and not of my parents. I accepted Christ as my Savior as a 5 year old and shortly thereafter I was baptized. I always wanted to be a pastor’s wife, but by age 30, I still had not met the man of my dreams. I had already spent one year on the mission field in Brazil teaching missionary kids, and while wanting to continue this avenue of teaching, I did not want to do it as a single woman. Finding a husband who wanted to spend his life in Brazil amounted to very slim pickings! Little did I realize that God had already had my husband ready for me in Brazil when I obediently returned to Brazil as a single! From there my dreams continued to come true as my Brazilian husband already was a pastor! God moved in our hearts after some time to start our own local church in a small village and from that time on we have been involved in church planting, children’s ministries, Christian camping, and teaching.

    I love to read (mysteries and thrillers, especially) and spend time outdoors. I am starting to dabble in the art of painting, but I am not considered an artist. However, after teaching art for many years, I have found that a just a love of creating will go a long ways to finding joy in art!

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