Teaching Experience

    20 Years

Field Experience

    9 Years

Hi! My name is Sarah Speer. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of South Carolina, Aiken, and I was a certified teacher for the state of South Carolina. I’m excited to teach for Luma Learn!

Prior to my degree, I worked in various children’s church programs as a volunteer teacher. I taught preschoolers and elementary students. For two summers, I was a camp counselor where I taught lessons and led games. As a Children’s Ministry Intern, I planned, created, and implemented lessons and organized events. While I worked towards my university education, I volunteered at a local elementary school and completed practicums in several elementary schools.

Professionally, my varied experience includes public education, Christian private education, and educating my own children at home. After I completed my degree, I formally taught for 7 years in the classroom, 2 years online, and 3 years homeschooling. I taught for two years at a public school in a 4th grade classroom where I was responsible to teach all major subject areas and write my own lesson plans. For five years, I taught 4th-7th grade English and history in a private Christian school in which I continued to write lesson plans and in some cases created my own curriculum. Because it was a University Model School (similar to a hybrid school), I communicated often with parents. Parents were responsible to complete lessons I sent home with students, so I worked closely with parents to ensure a positive learning experience for my students. For the last 7 years, I have stayed at home with my children. I currently homeschool my kindergartener and first grader. Additionally, I teach online with VIPKid and Outschool. I believe these experiences prepared me to teach a variety of students and meet their unique needs.

I am excited to teach with Luma Learn. As a registered teacher with the Institute for Excellence in Writing, I plan to offer writing classes using this program. IEW teaches students to write in a variety of ways using structure and style. Over the years, I have watched students improve dramatically. I love that Luma Learn is a Christian-based platform. Education is more than just teaching the mind, but it’s working with the whole child. My passion is teaching and engaging with students.

Thank you for considering my application. I’m excited to work with Luma Learn and help you meet the needs of your clientele.

I grew up in the church, and I remember knowing about Jesus in my earliest memories. When I was in 5h grade, I went to a summer camp. God convicted me of my sin. I recognized and admitted I was a sinner, my sin was wrong and kept me separated from God, and I needed to ask forgiveness for my sin. I did that and was baptized. A couple years later, I heard a pastor speak and realized that there was more to being a Christian than a decision. I really needed to commit my life to Him and follow Him in all my decisions. I began reading scripture, praying on my own, and listening to the pastor at church. My desire changed from that moment, and I sought to know and please God.

Over the years, God has taught me so many things about Himself and myself, as well as continuing to sanctify me and make me more like Himself. The most significant trial that I’ve faced has been 11 years of infertility. God has taught me so much about who I am in Him, the sin I still need to work on with him, and how very powerful God is, even when I don’t understand the things he chooses to do. He continues to teach me that His ways are higher than my ways, He is always good, and I can trust Him in all things. God is my everything, and my goal is to exalt Him through everything I do.

My life is filled with family and teaching. My family and I love to go camping and hiking. Spending time together, we enjoy nature. We just bought some property on a creek, and we plan to spend lots of time walking in the woods, splashing in the creek, and cooking over a fire. Because the world can be so busy, we like to provide opportunities to slow down and connect with each other.

I love planning new lessons for my own children and for the classes I teach. For me, identifying the needs of students and matching those needs with objectives and engaging lessons gives me a great sense of fulfillment. My children are both very different in personality and academic strengths and weaknesses. Preparing lessons that best suits the individual child challenges and satisfies me.

If I had more time, I would love to spend more time sewing and crafting. In the past, I sewed quilts, blankets, and simple clothing items. I love scrapbooking. Currently, my time is filled with teaching and my family, but eventually I will spend more time in other creative pursuits.

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