Teaching Experience

    11 Years

Field Experience

    11 Years

Hello! My name is Sarah Hanna. I am from and currently live in Mississippi; however, I have lived and taught in a few other states. I am one of seven children (I love being a part of a big family!); although, I only have two children of my own: Lucas-9, and Olivia-6. I knew at a very young age that I wanted to be a teacher! Teaching is truly my passion and my calling! I attended the University of Mississippi where I received my B.A. in Secondary English Education; I then attended Belhaven University where I received my M.A. Reading Literacy; I then attended Arkansas State University to receive my Ed.S. in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Curriculum Development. I currently attend McNeese State University where I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis on Forensics and Criminology, in addition to my Ph.D., I am also currently pursuing my National Board Certification.

I have been teaching English Language Arts, Social Studies, Psychology, Criminal Justice, ACT Test Prep, Ballet, and Modern Dance for the past eleven years! I have taught in public middle and high schools, in virtual classrooms, and tutored K-5 in reading skills.

I have extensive training in effective classroom reading, language and grammar instruction, developing collaborative learning environments, analyzing pertinent data for the purpose of driving instruction, and implementing technology to enhance instruction and engage students: these technology platforms include, but are not limited to Moodle, Canvas, Zoom, and Edgenuity.

My teaching philosophy has been summed up by educational pioneer, Professor James Comer, “No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.” When students feel respected and cherished by their teachers, they begin to value themselves. This leads to students feeling vested and encouraged in many aspects of their lives, namely: education.
In order for teachers to establish relationships with students, they need to focus on showing students their own individual worth. Educators must create safe and comfortable learning environments in which differences are celebrated and building upon tolerance and acceptance are priorities. The standards that we set for our students should be high yet attainable.

My faith journey has not always been an easy one. I was raised in a Catholic school and a Baptist church. This was due to the fact that my father is Catholic and my mother is Baptist, so this was their compromise! I had never doubted that God was my Savior, and I certainly never questioned his existence; that is until my little sister passed away when I was 15. The loss of my sister left my family in shambles. I was lost, heartbroken, and angry; I found that my faith was quickly diminishing. This changed when I moved off to college and met a very dear friend who helped me find my way back to Jesus.

During my late 20s and early 30s, I was in an abusive marriage with an alcoholic. During this time, my faith again began to waver. The things that I was experiencing were so different and foreign to how I was raised; I felt alone and ashamed. After separating from my husband, I sought therapy from a Christian woman who was a survivor of a similar relationship. Through our many sessions, I found my faith, love, and passion for God was renewed!

When I am not teaching or learning, I enjoy reading, painting, studying true crime, and analyzing case files and cold cases!

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