Teaching Experience

    25 Years

Field Experience

    12 Years

My journey to teaching has taken an intriguing path. I have a law degree and practiced for 5 years. When the first of my 4 children was born, I understood raising and eventually educating him was the greatest work I could do.

For 23 years, I nurtured, trained and educated my four children. Today, they are believing, professional, and contributing adults. We used an integrated, multi-level unit study approach to learning. Eventually, I began writing my own curriculum which I hope to use with you. For the last 3 years of homeschooling, I taught up to 20 other homeschoolers in my own home, and wrote curriculum for that group, as well.

When they reached high school, I knew scholarships would be necessary. My research showed college entrance exam scores (SAT and ACT) were the greatest consideration in awarding academic scholarships, and students were most likely to improve scores on the ACT. The tactics I used proved helpful as my children received scores between 29 and 34 out of 36 possible All received substantial scholarships. Others began asking me to help their students, and Purple Chalkboard ACT Prep was born.

More recently, I have been an educator in a private classical Christian school where I just completed my 9th year as an educator. I teach Language Arts, Ancient History, and Speech and Debate.

I am excited about working with Luma Learn as I transition from full time to part time teaching. For now, I am offering only the ACT prep course.. In the future, I hope to add Bible, Character Development, Language Arts, Government and Political Science, History and Geography, and some Fine Arts and Art History.

I grew up in northern Indiana where my family attended a Lutheran church. While backpacking in the Appalachian Mountains in my early twenties, I became overwhelmed by the complex and simple beauty around me. It was then I understood there had to be a divine creator behind it all.
There in the mountains, I acknowledged Him as God and asked Jesus to be the lord of my life. In the years and decades which followed, I became deeply involved in Bible teaching churches, hungrily studied His Word, and wrestled with Him through trial. In recent years, I describe my relationship with Him as deep and abiding. He is the lover of my soul.

Writing. Reading. Cycling. Swimming. Hiking. Traveling. Quilting. Gardening.

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