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Teaching Experience

    9 Years

Field Experience

    14 Years

I have been speaking Spanish for over 20 years, have homeschooled early elementary through high school in a bicultural and bilingual home for the past 15 years , and have taught bilingually in school and tutoring settings for over nine years. I currently teach homeschool high school Spanish and American literature online, and continue to homeschool my two children.

I am also an experienced, licensed teacher with endorsements in bilingual education and TESOL. I have also earned a Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction.

I offer the Learn Spanish through Literature series which are literature-based Spanish classes, using familiar translated stories, as well as native Spanish stories, songs, and poems. My target age group is early to late elementary.

**Bible Time Spanish – coming soon!
**Story Time Spanish – short-term, 5-6 week classes focused on one book. Integrating traditional songs, stories/literature, and poetry, students learn vocabulary, grammar, and practical conversation.
**Circle Time Spanish – one-session class focused on one skill – numbers, alphabet, shapes, days of week, seasons, etc.
**Circle Time Holiday Spanish – one-session class that focuses on one holiday. Students learn vocabulary and cultural information about the holiday. Cinco de Mayo, Días de los Muertos etc.
**Family Time Spanish – multi-session courses for the whole family to participate!
**Science Time Spanish – 4-week courses focused on one science topic each
**Singing Time Spanish – one-session class learning traditional and common translated children’s songs

I believe children learn through different modalities and integrate various ways of learning in the live classes and the materials I post to parents. If there is a class or topic you would like to see covered or child is interested in (in Spanish), contact me! I do my best to offer a personalized experience.

I also post information about bilingual families and learning a second language. You can like my Facebook page here:

Here are some testimonials from previous classes:

about Circle Time Spanish – Alphabet & pronunciation, sampler class
Fun and engaging, loved the videos with music and the teacher was very patient.

Love the mixture of songs, stories, visuals aids, videos and interactive questions to enhance learning Spanish for young kids.

about Beginning Spanish and Conversation 1a
My daughter loved this class and especially senora Renai! My daughter was able to use the Spanish she learned and had the confidence to speak to someone in Spanish! That was a huge step! I can’t say enough about this class and senora Renai!!!! I highly reccomend her!!

Maestra Reina was very patient and supportive of my daughter, who needed extra confidence to speak any Spanish outside of our own home. The final project really showed how the kids incorporated everything they learned. My daughter comes from a limited Spanish speaking family, however she is Mexican American. This class gave her a boost of confidence to really listen to extended family and neighbors and respond in basic Spanish.

My daughter was very skeptical at the outset, and she didn’t think she wanted to take a Spanish class, but by the end she was engaged, talking in class, and enjoying it. Content seemed well-paced, and Renai has a nice manner with the kids that drew my daughter in.

about Science Time Spanish – Animales – Insectos
Renai is very patient, fun, and does a good job at reaching out to each student. My daughter’s first language is Spanish. While the class is designed for the non-native, my daughter enjoyed it and learned new vocabulary from it! She also learned about insects! Renai did a great job at trying to engage my daughter as well knowing that she could handle more Spanish.

Super fun! Renai took a subject that really grosses my kid out and made it fun and engaging! This was our 3rd (maybe 4th?) ********* class with Renai and we have really loved each one. My daughter was singing along within the first minute each session, and fully participating until each session ended. Great use of videos, teacher-created visual aids, handouts, age-appropriate assignments, and good old face-to-face interaction with each child. Renai is a well organized, friendly teacher who easily connects with students.

My daughter loved this class. We made a little book from the insect flashcards and go over it daily. She can’t wait to take the Dinosaur class in the fall!

about Story Time Spanish – Oso Pardo, Oso Pardo (Brown bear, brown bear)
We loved Renai’s class. This was out first experience with both ********* and Spanish and it was such a great experience. Renai was engaging and fun and made the class really interesting and interactive for the kids. My son feels on occassions anxious about sharing and participating, but Renai was able to bring his confidence out in a non-threatening and respectful way. Highly recommended class and teacher.

about Singing Time Spanish – Blanca Navidad (“White Christmas”)
Sra. Renai keeps my girls engaged from start to finish, and does a wonderful job connecting with each of them (ages 5-9). As a parent, I very much appreciate the notes, flash cards, and additional helps provided after the class. It allows me to reinforce what was introduced online. Looking forward to taking more!

Other testimonials:
Miss Renai is a WONDERFUL teacher! She is friendly, open, receptive, and fun! My son really enjoys her classes, and he especially loved this one! Thank you so much for introducing him to the language of Spanish!

My kids LOVED this class and teacher. She’s very, very patient and kind. My children (5, with speech delay, and 9) are just learning Spanish and picked up so much from this class. They both asked me if we could have “huevos” for breakfast–how could I say no to that?! All in all, this was a great experience. Highly recommend this teacher and all of her classes.

Being an army brat, we moved to Germany when I was in my early teens. There, we went to a church and at one evening service, God called me. I got saved when I was 14. When we got back to the states, we met up with the same pastor under whom I got saved, and started a church. I have served in many (perhaps all) capacities at one time or another, lol!

I like to garden, cook, and lifetime learning – especially languages. In our home, we have Chinese, German, ASL, Japanese, or Korean being learned at one time or another. We enjoy learning about different languages and cultures.

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