Teaching Experience

      18 Years

    Field Experience

      18 Years

    Hello! I’m a certified teacher in the state of Tennessee. I grew up in a Christian home of educators. I taught in public and private Christian schools for 12 years before staying home with my children. Since then, I have tutored, held small classes (in person and online), counseling parents for their child’s education, and homeschooled my three children. I love to help parents help their children. I take a simple and practical approach to my teaching.

    Growing up in a Christian home, I never doubted the truth of God’s word. As an adult, I have challenged my beliefs in order that I can “be ready to give an answer” to those who ask me about my faith. I have delved into history and apologetics and am able to give reasons why I (and others who love truth) should believe that Jesus came to earth. It just makes sense. It takes more faith to NOT BELIEVE. Christ came that we might have life more abundantly. While that does not guarantee we won’t have challenges, it does guarantee that God will work out those challenges for our good (Romans 8:28). I will never be perfect, but Jesus makes a way for those who believe. I am thankful for His gift.

    Singing, Talking, Traveling, Reading, Board Games, visiting with family, baking sweets, teaching

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