Teaching Experience

      13 Years

    Field Experience

      13 Years

    Hello! I grew up in California and Texas, and have lived in multiple states (Hawaii, New Mexico, Arkansas and Georgia). I’ve traveled internationally to multiple countries and lived in Egypt for two years. My education is a BA in Christian Ministries from Sterling College (summa cum laude), and a Masters in Spiritual Formation from IWU – Wesley Seminary. My passion is helping others grow through learning, especially in their spiritual walk with the Lord. I enjoy interacting with today’s generation and helping them understand who they are in Christ. I teach English to children age 5 through High School. My husband and I served in youth ministry for years, and students still stay in touch after they’ve graduated. We homeschooled my son since 6th grade and he is entering college this coming Fall.

    My entire life is based on my faith in Jesus Christ. I was not raised in the church, but accepted an invitation in high school. That was the beginning of seeing church and how important it could be in the life of a family. However, it was later in life that I truly understood a relationship with Christ, and that is when I gave my life completely to Him. My faith life isn’t an “add on” to my life, it IS my life. It infiltrates my parenting, my marriage and how I interact with the rest of the world. Nature is where I feel closest to God. I love to pray and seek His guidance on big and small things. Spending time in prayer, reading Scripture and continuing to study His Word is so important in life.

    My family and I love to spend time at home together watching movies, playing board games and eating yummy food. We enjoy traveling together all over the United States, and my son and I are planning a mother/son European journey next summer. We are foodies and look for new restaurants and different foods to try. We have two dogs, and three cats.

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