Teaching Experience

    35 Years

Field Experience

    35 Years

Hello, I am a wife and grandmother. I have four sons and six grandchildren. I have taught elementary, high school and in universities for three decades. I am bilingual. I speak both English and Spanish.
I am a passionate teacher. My major is in Biology. I graduated from St. Mary’s University. I’ve been teaching for over thirty-five years. I started my own contracting Science business after teaching six years in the public school system. I own all my equipment so I am able to show your child up-close views of different equipment and specimens. Hand’s on instruction is my forte. Although I will be virtually teaching, I can visually explain a lab to them so if they desire to do it at home, they will be able to do so.
I even mentor other teachers on I also have TESOL and Educational Virtual Technology certification from Arizona State University.
I would like the honor of teaching with a Christian Based Company. Preparing children for their future is what I aspire to do for all my students. Sparking their interest in Science is my goal.
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I’ve been a Christian for forty years. I’ve been a Sunday School and VBS director for fifteen years. I love the Lord and cannot walk each day without Him.

I love gardening.

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