Teaching Experience

    4 Years

Field Experience

    4 Years

I am a certified TESOL/TEFL/EYL teacher, an IEW Registered Instructor, professional writer, beta reader, proofreader, editor, and homeschool mom. I have a love for the English language (I have a BA in English to prove it), the smell of new books, and transferring ideas from mind to paper.

When my nose is not stuck in a book, I enjoy teaching others how to enjoy these things too. As a teacher, I appreciate seeing students form their own thoughts and ideas and being able to communicate them to others in an expressive and intelligent way.

As a TEFL teacher, I’ve acquired the skills needed to help break down hard concepts to deliver them to students in an easily digestible manner. Whether it is walking through the intricacies of creative writing, the methodical organizing of an essay, or enjoying the silliness of a Dr. Seuss poem, I will walk alongside your child encouraging their literary growth and enjoyment.

As a homeschooling mom, I understand and identify with the significance of creating a lifelong learning environment. My goal is to promote a love of learning while offering a safe and fun environment. I truly have a passion for reading and writing and would love to share my knowledge and experience with your children.

I have been blessed to always have Jesus in my life. Even in my childhood, I loved attending church, learning new things in Sunday School, and looked forward to being a part of VBS or going to camp during the summers. That being said, I believe that my relationship with Christ has grown the most since having children. While I can’t imagine
not believing or having Jesus in my life, there is a new understanding and empathy that comes with parenthood. Before, I could have said that I understood what it meant for Jesus to lay down his life for us. However, I never really felt it until my oldest was born and I knew how important her (and in the future my son’s) life was and how far I would go to protect and care for them. I think it was then that I could really start understanding and exploring the depth of His love and what His sacrifice really meant…a love for His children. The kind of unconditional love that forgives my biggest mistakes, teaches me grace and kindness to myself and others, and the knowledge that it is His mercy.

Reading, writing, play board games (I especially love Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Trekking the World) with my family, being outdoors, working out (especially lifting weights), and learning something new (a fact, an idea, a language, or even a good joke).

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