Teaching Experience

      2 Years

    Field Experience

      2 Years

    Hello! My name is Megan and I am from Florida. I have a bachelor of science degree in equine science from Auburn University. While in college, I also had the opportunity to attend Myerscough College in England during the summer of 2009. I spent my mornings attending equine classes and my afternoons receiving formal training in dressage and jumping. After college, I began working in small animal clinics where I excelled at my career and learned not only a great deal about the care of dogs and cats, but also administrative duties that take place in a small business. Then I had an unexpected opportunity to try out a different career and was able to be a park ranger for two years. I worked at Cayo Costa State Park in Florida; an island park that is only accessible by boat. This was a season of testing, in which God was asking me to trust Him despite any fear I may have. I learned so many new things and made friendships that will last a lifetime. In 2018 I gave birth to my son and decided I wanted to stay home with him so I began my journey in teaching. I started working for a company called Vipkid that allowed me to teach Chinese children English on an online platform. However, I do not speak any Chinese; this type of education is more of an immersive learning environment. I still work with them and it brings me such joy to see my students’ smiling faces! I am also extremely excited to start my journey with Luma Learn and see your child in my classroom. I know we will have loads of fun while doing a ton of learning!

    I actually didn’t grow up attending church (even on major holidays). It wasn’t until college when I met a good friend of mine named Heather; we are still very close to this day. She invited me every week for probably at least a few months to attend church with her and I finally decided to give it a try. We were attending a small, baptist church in a very rural town in Alabama. This town is particularly unique in how well the community loves each other and supports each other, especially in times of need. I saw how the people were very relational with each other and genuinely cared about each other so I continued to attend. I became very active in the church; going every Sunday for service, every Monday night for women’s group, and every Wednesday night for youth group. I was able to take a weekend trip with the youth to a youth conference in Tennessee and never saw anything like it. The singing was like a concert, it was amazing, and of course there was teaching as well. I still remember the main idea was “tug.” To follow the tug that Jesus puts in our heart to follow Him (Ephesians 4:6). That weekend I was “saved” and while my life didn’t immediately change, God did take up a permanent residence in my heart.

    After college, I moved back to Florida and hit an ultimate spiritual low. I’d prefer not to go into details, but I did something that I never thought I would or could do. I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror, I was so ashamed. I decided then that I needed God in my life everyday, not just some or even most days. I was worried about going to a new church by myself and used this as an excuse for not going. God knew what I needed and out of the blue my cousin invited me to church with her. I began attending Bethany Baptist Church and was invited to be a youth leader under the direction of the youth pastor. This was truly a unique season in my life. I learned a great deal about God and the amazing amount of energy and curiosity the kids had. I greatly enjoyed this season of my life and am so thankful God blessed me in this way.

    After meeting my husband, Lumir, I made the move to his city of Ft Myers where we began attending Riverside Church; another special season in my heart. The leaders there were incredibly relational and through this time I began to see how frequently and powerfully God works through others. Lumir became the tech team leader, under the guidance of the worship pastor, and I was a big part of the teach team. I became the “go to” person for propresenter. I trained new volunteers how to operate the projectors using this program and was available to help solve some of the simple technological problems.

    Due to several recent moves, we have yet to find a new church to attend. We recently made a major move to the Czech Republic, so between a new language and coronavirus, it has been difficult. Currently, I enjoy my own private quiet time with God and private social media groups have helped me maintain personal christian relationships and support during this season of our lives. Lumir is from Czech Republic and we felt it would be best for our new family to move here. In 2017, it was listed as the third most godless country in the world, behind China and Sweden. As we settle in and find our place here, I am hoping to spread His love and Gospel to those who need it most.

    While I’ve had many hobbies over the years, probably my biggest one currently is running around after my two year old! I have always had a great interest in horses and have been riding since I was five. Due to our move and being a mother of a toddler, I do not have any horses and am not riding. However our future plans do include horse ownership and riding again. I also like to read as I find great relaxation in it. My favorite genre is Christian fiction, probably adventure and crime books within that genre. I have also enjoy journaling/bullet journaling, crafting, knitting, and hiking. In 2015, I hiked the Camino de Santiago across Spain. This was truly an incredible experience and such a time of growth with God. Of course I’m always looking to try new things. Next on my list is watercolor painting!

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