Teaching Experience

    35 Years

Field Experience

    35 Years

I have experience teaching in several different venues. I am a 25 year veteran home school mother. My four sons have all graduated and three have now completed college, with one having earned a Ph.D. My youngest son is currently in his second year of college. I have also taught music (theory, piano, harp, guitar) in my own studio since 1981. I was a general music teacher for grades PreK-12 at Pathway Christian school until they closed in 2019. I have also taught, and in fact, currently teach both music and history online. But my first claim to fame as a teacher was as a young girl teaching my dolls and stuffed animals in my own little “schoolroom”! I feel that teaching is a calling from God, and I feel blessed to have the desire and love for teaching in my heart. I have a Bachelor of Science in Education and also a Master of Arts in Teaching: Secondary Education from Liberty University. I hold a Master of Arts in History degree as well. I also hold a Certificate of Teaching for Music Theory, elementary through advanced levels from the Progressive Series School of Music in St. Louis.

I am a Bible-believing Christian. I first began my faith journey as a young girl of six years old. My father was a pastor/missionary/evangelist, so I grew up with a heart and desire to serve God. I recommitted my life to Christ as teenager, when I understood a little more clearly what it was all about. From that time, by God’s grace, I have put Him first in my life, and have made my life goal to serve Him. My husband and I have been in ministry since 1984, we have pastored and traveled nationally and internationally in missionary and evangelistic work. I am pianist for our current church and have served in this area for many years. My favorite mission trip was to Tanzania, Africa. I loved seeing the love that the people had for the Lord even though they were so very poor in material things. We have also hosted several tours to Israel, and I was absolutely blessed to see the land of the Bible. It made the Bible become alive to me.

I have so many hobbies and interests! I love life and living. I love to sew, especially quilting. I love photography (I have a certificate from the New York Institute of Photography). I love knitting, reading, gardening and of course, music and learning new music instruments. I play piano, harp, guitar, ukulele, recorder, accordion and organ. One of my chief interests in genealogy. I love to research my family genealogy and correlate it with world and US history. I also enjoy visiting courthouses and cemeteries to research and find more information. I LOVE Ireland, tea parties and roses! I also love to travel and have traveled to many different countries in ministry and for enjoyment. I especially love history and geography. I enjoy traveling to historic places and visiting museums. One of my absolute favorites is Williamsburg, Virginia. Someday…I would love to be an interpreter there or somewhere similar.

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