Teaching Experience

    2 Years

Field Experience

    23 Years

Hello! My name is Martyn Ellsworth, and I am currently serving as the pastor of a small, rural church. I do have some experience student teaching and substitute teaching in public schools, but most of my teaching experience comes from the twenty three years I have spent serving churches as either a youth minister or a pastor. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Christian studies and a Bachelor’s degree in history. My wife and I are homeschooling our son (8) and daughter (6), and we are greatly enjoying it. I am looking forward to offering classes on Luma Learn about the Bible, theology, and church history.

I came to faith in Christ at a young age. I was blessed to grow up in a wonderful Christian home where we attended church every Sunday and discussed God’s Word regularly. It has been my joy for several years to study God’s Word in preparation to teach and preach it. The time I have spent in the Word has been a blessing to me and has been used of God to draw me into a closer walk with Him.

I love to read. I read biographies, books about the Bible, and books about American History. I enjoy reading about the lives of famous people from church history. I enjoy reading military history (particularly World War II and the Civil War). I love the Chronicles of Narnia and am currently reading them to my children. I also enjoy writing and am in the process of writing a series of Christian fiction books set in a medieval time period.

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