Teaching Experience

    1 Year

Field Experience

    2 Years

I am Danielle Rhudy (soon to be Danielle Million). I am 26 years old, a teacher, and a current graduate student studying for my Master of Education at Liberty Univeristy. I have a cute dog named Tide who is an attention loving, bone chewing, 15 pounds of fun. I marry my best friend, Craig, in July 2019, and I’m also an avid reader with a love for all sorts of literature. This love of reading is what prompted me to study literature for my Bachelors. I have a passion for learning and teaching, and I can not wait to share this passion with everyone here!

When I was five years old, I accepted God’s call of salvation and became a child of God. I have lived my life with a God-given hunger to learn more about Him, worship Him, and serve Him. My life is here to glorify God. I have spent the past few months studying theology to better share the Gospel with the world according to the Great Commission. God has given me a love of education as a means to share His word and love with others.

I enjoy reading, writing, and painting. Anything crafty gets my attention, and I love trying new projects for fun. I also love to read fantasy and young adult literary fiction. However, just like with art, I love reading new books in new genres that are a little different from my favorites. It is fun to discover new authors. I also enjoy watching movies and exciting TV shows. Aside from these things, I also enjoy hiking with my fiance, taking vacations, playing fetch with my dog, watching football and baseball, and taking photographs.

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