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Teaching Experience

    40 Years

Field Experience

    40 Years

I believe God has given me a gift of teaching, which I have used since childhood when I was often asked to help younger children with their reading. I used this gift with my children and in the churches where I have served. I have taught in Sunday school, vacation Bible school, women’s ministry and drug and alcohol programs.

While working as an executive assistant, in 2006, I completed the Master of Arts in Teaching ESOL program at Notre Dame University of Maryland, along with an additional 18 graduate level Spanish credits. I sought out opportunities to use the degree, teaching both ESOL and Spanish classes. I have taught both credit and non-credit ESOL and Spanish classes in both community colleges and universities.

Although I am currently spending much of my time with grandchildren, I really would like to be teaching classes again. As a native speaker of English, I enjoy teaching ESOL classes. However, my passion is teaching Spanish, which I began learning as a child. Although not a native speaker of Spanish, I believe that I give my students a practical foundation in learning the language.

I grew up in San Antonio, Texas. My mother took me to a Baptist church as a child. After hearing the Gospel during a vacation Bible school, I fell under conviction. However, I could not hear the counselor and did not actually receive Christ. I was advised that I needed to be baptized. When I asked to be baptized, my father, an atheist, refused to let my mother, brother and I attend church again.

Later, after meeting my husband and while attending a Baptist church with him, at age 19 the Holy Spirit convicted me of crucifying Christ and showed me that Jesus is God and had the power to come down from the cross at Calvary, but He chose to die for my sins in my place. I received Christ as Lord and Savior and was baptized at Riverdale Baptist Church, Riverdale, Maryland.

My husband and I were married while still in the military and following discharge, we both attended Bible college. One of my husband’s gifts is evangelism. He would bring people home and we offered hospitality as we ministered to young people, couples, and families that God brought into our lives.

In August 1981, my husband, our two children and I came to Baltimore City to begin an inner city ministry. God enabled us to open a mission church. We worked in this church and other churches to which God led us. We worked in both teaching ministries and in drug and alcohol ministries. In 2010, my husband and I moved to Kentucky, where I had opportunities to teach both community college and university classes. We returned to Maryland in 2016 to be closer to our children and grandchildren.

Through the years as we ministered together, we have followed a pattern of meeting people, introducing them to Christ, offering our friendship and ministering as God opened doors.

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