Teaching Experience

      15 Years

    Field Experience

      20 Years

    My name is Lee Williams and I currently live with my wife and four children in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia. In 2000 I began work as a cross-cultural missionary in Latin America. My wife and I met in Peru and were married in 2007. From there we were involved in various ministries focused on Bible-training and the formation of a Christian worldview in the countries of Chile and Argentina. I graduated with a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Toccoa Falls College (Toccoa Falls, Georgia) and a master’s degree in Old Testament from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary (Charlotte, North Carolina). I am currently studying towards a master’s in theology (ThM) at Gordon Conwell. My family and I continue to serve communities in Latin America through our mission, Communitas International and I also work as a Teacher’s Assistant in New Testament Greek at Gordon Conwell.

    I was born to a church-going family deep in the Bible-Belt of the U.S.A. I grew up familiar with the name Jesus and the routines of weekly church attendance, VBS, etc. But it was not until I was a young adult, after spending my late teens lost and searching for meaning in life, that I came to personally know Jesus Christ. It was through the ministry of a coworker that I was able to see that there was more to being a Christian than knowing the lingo and participating in the required activities. A few years after initially following Christ I was called to serve Him in Latin America. My ministry of teaching began in Monterrey, Mexico, with poor school-aged children. From there my ministry led to youth discipleship in Peru and working with college and career groups in Argentina and Chile. Amid the activities of ministry and family responsibilities I continue to find that my abiding peace comes from knowing Him (Philippians 3:10).

    My favorite times are those spent with my children outdoors. We love to hike, fish, and make fires in the backyard. I enjoy learning alongside them, and my wife and I say taht our home is actually a living library – full of opportunities for our children to engage with history, the creation, and God’s revelation through Jesus Christ. One of the hobbies that I share with my kids is taking out the telescope and scanning the night sky for the wonders God has placed there. I also enjoy spending time with our friends from Latin America and their perspectives on life, Jesus, and the world around us.

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