Teaching Experience

    15 Years

Field Experience

    8 Years

I love to teach. I have taught many subjects and students from dyslexic elementary students to adult refugee students and almost everyone in between. In addition to classroom experience, I have been a resident parent in two international boarding schools and taught in home school co-ops. My husband and I have 3 children that we home school.

I grew up in the Lutheran Church and learned a lot of head knowledge about God and the Bible. While attending a Baptist university, I finally understood the heart part of faith. During my college years I also worked in a small, Christian camp which showed me how to put my heart and head faith together. My faith leads everything that I do. I have seen God sustain my family over and over again. Shortly after my oldest was born, I took a semester class called “Perspectives on World Christian Missions.” After this class, my husband and I spent time in Germany working at Black Forest Academy (a boarding school for missionary kids) in their boarding program. Within the past few years God really convicted me of not doing enough to serve and live out my faith. I recently started serving the local refugee population by teaching English. Through this, I have really learned to see everyone as made in the image of God and how precious all people are to Him.

I enjoy reading, hiking, gardening, creating, and spending time with friends and family.

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