Teaching Experience

      20 Years

    Field Experience

      12 Years

    Hi! I live in central Missouri with my husband and three boys. I have Bachelor degrees in Early Childhood Special Education and Early Childhood Education. I also hold a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education. I have 12 years classroom teaching experience, with two of those years being with an online academy. I have experience teaching grades pre-k through 1st grade and special education. We have been a homeschool family since 2012. I really love teaching kids of all ages, but my specialty is with younger kids. I love to see that spark that little kids get whenever they learn something new. They are such eager learners!

    I was raised in a Catholic home and went to Catholic school until I reached high school. Like a lot of kids my age, I slowly lost my connection with God. It wasn’t until my beloved Grandfather was dying that I turned back to my faith, he was such a strong believer and we had a great love for one another. I saw his faith in his last days and it changed me. I started going to church again, praying, and really became more devout in my beliefs as a Christian. Today, my husband and I are passing on our Christian faith and beliefs to our children in hopes that they will one day have a great and positive impact on the world.

    I love reading. I have found that I am a life-long learner. I’m not in school anymore, but I’m still learning and researching everything from theology to Chinese cooking! I love animals. We have two dogs, four cats, two goats, and four chickens sharing our house both inside and outside right now. I’m also becoming an expert at managing calendars for five humans! Oh, the places they will go!

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