Teaching Experience

      3 Years

    Field Experience

      0 Year

    My name is Keith Wilson. I live in Southern Utah with my wife and our 3 little boys, but I grew up in Idaho. I am currently studying History. I love history and government and I enjoy sharing and educating others. I have taught informally for 3 years and have worked in the school districts for many years in different capacities. I have also worked in hospitality and customer service. What I lack in teaching experience I make up for in passion.
    I will offer history and government classes as well as literature. I teach with a hybrid of lecture and discussion based classes. I will post quizzes and reading assignments for the students to complete as well. I believe that you should teach to educate and inform.
    My family and I enjoy hiking and exploring the beautiful areas in Southern Utah. I enjoy camping, exploring, geocaching, fishing and much more. When I have free time I am normally outdoors participating in one of these activities or I am following the rabbit hole of research as I study different historical topics.

    I grew up in a religious household, that was loosely religious. After graduating High School I moved out and didn’t practice my religion, this led me down some dark roads. After hitting rock bottom and reaching out for my Savior I started going back to church. After feeling my Saviors love, I have been determined to keep moving forward, so I can continually receive His love and blessings.

    I enjoy writing, hiking, music, movies, long-boarding, history, cemeteries, swimming, kickboxing, comics, reading, and much more. I also enjoy spending time with my family.

    Currently, there are no courses.