Teaching Experience

      7 Years

    Field Experience

      7 Years

    Hello! My name is Kaycee. I am so excited that you have decided to use Luma Learn to help your child succeed. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and my educational journey. I obtained my bachelors degree in biology in 2009. After graduating college, I taught at a science and math academy for my university. I then accompanied my husband (who was in the Army at the time) to Okinawa, Japan. While there, I taught at a before and after school program. I also interned for 9 months at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology. When we returned to the states, I became a high school science teacher at a Christian academy. I taught high school science there for 6 years. I taught biology, chemistry, physical science, anatomy, and wellness. After teaching there for 6 years, my husband went into full-time ministry. We moved two states away and I became an online teacher/ stay at home mom to our two beautiful girls. I have been teaching online English as a second language for over a year now. I have a strong christian education and science/online teaching background. I feel like my experience and love for the Lord will help me be the best online teacher for your child.

    I was nationally recognized as a DOW Chemical Company NSTA (National Science Teacher Association) Fellow. This was a year long fellowship that helped train new science teachers. At completion, I was flown to Boston to attend their national conference.

    I was also one of the first recipients to win a STEMcon scholarship. This was a program designed by NASA to help bring hands on applications to the classroom. It included full tuition to attend Space Camp for educators, housing, food, and the ability to visit Marshal Space Flight Center.

    I was raised in the church. My husband is a full time youth pastor for the Assemblies of God. I am a Christian and I strive to be more like Christ everyday. I am so thankful to find a place that allows teachers to teach online and proclaim their faith. I can not wait to share my love of the Lord and teaching with each of you.

    I am a mother of two girls, so the majority of my days are spent playing with them. I am also a PADI dive master, so I enjoy diving. We live very close to the ocean, but we also live on a farm. We have 11 chickens, 2 guineas, 2 dog, 2 goats, and a cat. I love cooking and baking. I always try to push myself to try new recipes. I also try to use ingredients from our farm. I am a biologist, so I have a passion for understanding the flora and fauna around me. I have many edible plants growing on our farm. I also love space ! I always wanted to be an astronaut as a kid, but now I get to teach about them! It’s amazing to see the beauty of God’s creation. Fun fact about me: I have met several astronauts and I actually got to hold a piece of Mars!

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