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      5 Years

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      5 Years

    Hello Everyone! I am Kathleen Crady, also known as Miss Crady, the Math Lady 🙂 I have Bachelor’s Degrees in Mathematics and Education from Brevard College in North Carolina. While obtaining my teaching license there, I worked at a Bill and Melinda Gates funded school and learned so much from the North Carolina State Teacher of the Year. When I moved home to California, I wanted to have more of the freedoms I was accustomed to in NC and decided to pursue my Master’s Degree in Mathematics, with an emphasis on Teaching from California State University Fullerton. Once I graduated, I started working with homeschool students, as their Math teacher. I love the flexibility and the individualization that can happen in the homeschool setting. It truly is SO special! I have a passion for working with students that, despite their best efforts, have never “got” math before. All I ask is that my students try their best and ask all the questions that they have. I love seeing students’ confidence soar when they realize they can do it!

    My faith journey started when I was born. I was born into a Catholic family and attended Catholic church until I was 12 years old. I remember in my First Communion class, I began having questions about some of the rituals and customs of the Catholic Faith. I did not enjoy going to church at this time. I began only going on major holidays because I spent most weekends playing travel softball all over the country. When I was in high school, I started attending a Community Church, where I found my home in Christ. I learned that I could have a PERSONAL relationship with the Creator and it changed my life forever. I have had the Lord guide my steps each and every way since High School. He has been my rock, my redeemer, my refuge, and my strength. He has provided for me and opened doors for me. I have been serving in our children’s ministry department at church and I am now our Bible stories teacher for Vacation Bible School and I run our 5th and 6th grade program.

    Along with my love of math, I LOVE baseball. I have visited 11 of the 30 baseball stadiums and can’t wait to travel to the rest. I love to cook for my family. I live in Orange County California so I, of course, like to go to Disneyland and play at the beach with my dog. I am a Marvel Super hero fanatic. Captain America is my favorite super hero. I love going to museums and National Parks and learning new things when I get the opportunity to travel.

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