Teaching Experience

      16 Years

    Field Experience

      14 Years

    I’m Kaitlyn and living in North Carolina. I graduated with honors from North Carolina State University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science (pre-veterinary). I minored in Agriculture Business Management with a concentration in Equine Physiology and Anatomy and Physiology. While at NC State, I studied small companion animals, equine science, small pocket exotics, large animal and food animal science, wildlife and zoology, herpetology, and their roles on ecosystems throughout the world.

    Experience includes
    – Ans. Sci. B.S. degree from N.C. State University (2010)
    – Study of the equine industry traveling through Great Britain and Ireland
    – Wildlife Rehabilitation Certification
    – Master Herbalist Certification (2020)
    – Employment with animal emergency medicine, farm and food animal medicine, small domesticated animals, and avian and exotic medicine
    – Employment at the North Carolina State Equine Educational Unit, Beef Unit, and Dairy Unit
    – Tutoring lower elementary students with reading and comprehension

    I value treating each and every student and parents with dignity. My classes are inclusive and I take great pride to include every student. I have four children with various abilities and needs. I take pride in my ability to create an atmosphere where all students are comfortable and encouraged to learn. After courses are completed, students should have the resources and ability to continue their research with passion. I am honest with my students in an effort to promote a mutual level of respect. My top priority as a teacher is the success of my students. Therefore, I am passionate about scaffolding my material up or down to meet the needs the individual child.

    My journey is long and sometimes complicated as many journeys through life are. I was first dedicated to the Lord by my parents and have been blessed to grow up walking in faith. However, in high school my faith was tested when my cousin and her boyfriend were killed in a car accident. That weekend I went with my youth group to a Newsboys concert, I believe it was. They stood at this podium thing and said, “I know where I’m going, is your name in His book?” And it all came crumbling down. I was rededicated to the Lord that night.

    Since then, my family has been blessed in the biggest of ways. I graduated college in 2010 and in 2015 I found out I was pregnant to a little boy who couldn’t survive. His brain was imploding upon itself and there was zero chance of survival. I found a neurosurgeon who promised me he’d do everything he could after three others told me there was nothing. This neurosurgeon is still my angel here on Earth, sent by God to do mighty things with his hands. Now in 2020, I have a beautiful five year old little boy who is severely disabled but happy and beautiful living an amazing life and still seeing that same neurosurgeon I found in 2015. His name is Noah. He is the only little boy in the world with his very rare genetic mutation causing an array of medical and cognitive issues. I am a carrier of this disease. I did this to my little boy. But, God is good. God is very good. And we have three other very healthy children. In fact, my fourth and last child was also diagnosed with a very rare condition needing brain surgery. She is now two and again, thanks to the Good Lord and my angel of a neurosurgeon, she is completely healed and healthy. My children know God well. I know God well. And there is nothing mightier than my God. Amen!

    I enjoy riding horses, reading books, and crotchet. I am a Sunday School teacher in my church for potty trained two to five year olds. Because I live in central North Carolina, I enjoy traveling to the great Appalachian Mountains and riding along either Highway 64 or the Parkway regularly visiting the waterfalls and hiking. I have realized finding animals in their natural habitats and observing them teaches far more than visiting zoos and aquariums often times. Due to being a primary caregiver of my disabled son, I have had to quit the veterinary office lifestyle of work, but it was a passionate job that really made me proud to be a working member of America. A college athlete, I still enjoy swimming and playing tennis, as well.

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