Teaching Experience

    12 Years

Field Experience

    12 Years

I am a learner and a teacher at heart. As a homeschool student, I learned how to learn and have loved sharing the knowledge and skills I gained as a pianist/music ministry major in college. Since graduating college, I have been a piano teacher and have been expanding my teaching though online platforms. I am also fascinated by how the body works and how food contributes to health.

I grew up in a Christian home with a Christian homeschool education, so I assumed I was fine. When I was in high school, God brought me to a place of realizing how horrible my sin truly was…even though it didn’t look as bad as other peoples’ sin…and that Jesus was my only hope of being free from sin. I placed my trust in the death and resurrection of Jesus for salvation, and sought to live for Him since.

Playing the piano. Inductive Bible study. Cooking and food science. Playing games and making up new ones.

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