Teaching Experience

      20 Years

    Field Experience

      20 Years

    I love to teach! I love the look on a student’s face when they “get it” or when they realize how much they love (or are allowed to enjoy) what they are learning!

    I have been teaching Mathematics, Computer Science (programming) and Theatre (acting/improv) at the college level for over 20 years. I also am the owner and Artistic Director of a community based educational theatre studio that teaches kids K-12 all about theatre and music theatre.

    I teach classes in:
    Computer Science (Programming in Java, C/C++, Python, Visual Basic, Scratch, HTML/Web)
    Theatre (Acting, Improv, Monologue Performance, Play Writing, Musical Theatre)
    Music (Piano, Guitar, Ukulele)

    My goal in teaching is to make sure the students understand the material by taking away the mystery behind it and by showing how this information is actually useful! This allows them to actually enjoy learning the subject. There are typically multiple ways to explain or teach a topic – we will find one that works for the students!

    Christ has always been a part of my life. From participating in a youth bible camp as a child, being active in youth group, singing in the church choir throughout middle and high school (and being the youngest BY FAR) and most recently serving as a youth music director. I strive each day to live in Christ in my heart and to teach my family the same by leading through example and word.

    My biggest passion is theatre and music. I love to work with a group of perfomers who all must come together in order to create something bigger than themselves.

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