Teaching Experience

      38 Years

    Field Experience

      38 Years

    Teaching students Science, English and Math online with nearly four decades experience in the classroom. Jim is a teacher who works with students from preschool through the High School level. He has taught in the classroom for nearly forty years and has taught online for two years. Jim has a B.Sc. in Applied Math and has a Master’s Degree in Government Relations. He is a published author and has written a textbook on effective writing. Jim has won awards for teaching excellence. He is TEFL and TESOL certified.

    I was raised in a non-religious environment but came to Christ as a teenager. In College I met an evangelizing group, The Navigators, and started to learn about God. As an adult I was baptised and attend a Bible based Church. Recently I was blessed to visit Israel and see the land of the Bible. It made the Bible become alive to me. I tithe my income and believe the Bible to be true, inerrant and unchanging. I am studying to be a chaplain and learning about Christian counseling.

    I enjoy gardening, cooking and golf.

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