Teaching Experience

    5 Years

Field Experience

    5 Years

I graduated with a bachelors of arts in 2016 with a minor in history and mini minors in Spanish and sociology. I have worked in the schools for many years as a substitute teacher, paraprofessional and reading aide. With my family growing I decided to work from home so I can focus more on my young kids. I eventually would like to go back to school and get a masters in either history or sociology. I live in Southern Utah with my husband and our 3 little boys. We love going hiking and camping and on adventures. I have learned from my own children’s curiosity and desire to learn how much learning can be an adventure. That is my goal with my classes is to teach the students in a way that allows them to think and ask questions and engage in the adventure of learning.

I grew up in a faithful family and always thought I had a strong understanding of my faith. My senior year of high school and through some of college though I was faced with some obstacles that really tried my faith. It has been a rewarding and fun journey to reconnect with my faith as I learn more about Jesus Christ and try to emulate his teachings and principles in my own life and my home. Having children who are so curious and ready to learn about Him has been so enlightening as I teach them about Christ’s life and His mission. It is always fun when they teach me back from a more innocent and humble perspective.

I love to go on adventures. We love to go hiking and camping as a family. We are working on creating a Family Adventure Book that shows all the exploring we do as family around where we live. I also love to read and draw.

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