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Teaching Experience

    10 Years

Field Experience

    34 Years

I am a semi-retired cartoonist and children’s book illustrator. My wife still works full-time while I homeschool our twins. Teaching online allows me to exercise my skills while I educate my kids.

I illustrated dozens of children’s books before I retired. Prior to that I was an editorial cartoonist syndicated to over 50 newspapers. In the early days of the internet my comic strip was the most popular cartoon on the whole world wide web. I have been hooked on drawing since I was a child and I enjoy igniting that same spark in my students.

Graduate of The Savannah College of Art and Design

I was raised catholic but became disillusioned with church in my late teens. At age 30 I rediscovered the church in a non-denominational congregation. I was baptised into Jesus shortly after. Since then I have grown tremendously and held many leadership positions in ministry. Currently, I am on the Prayer Team at my church which means I counsel people who need spiritual guidance.

I don’t get much spare time. What little I do have is spent writing and illustrating books. I also sit on the board of directors of a Christian maternity home. I oversee our thrift store and our missionary program. Comedy is also an interest of mine. I organize regular Christian comedy events which we leverage to raise awareness about our maternity home and other local ministries.

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