Teaching Experience

      21 Years

    Field Experience

      21 Years

    A Bit About Me
    I am the wife of a church planter, and mother to two amazing kids. We live and serve as missionaries in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. I love our often busy life in the mission field, hiking, camping, gardening, relaxing in hammocks, watching my son play soccer, and my daughter shoot archery.

    My Qualifications & Experience & Method
    I earned my Bachelor of Science in Education with a minor in vocal Music performance from Cumberland College (now University of Cumberlands). After graduating I worked as reading teacher and manager of a tutoring agency until I left to serve in the mission field in Turkey. Upon returning to the states I began my career as a full time teacher. Over the next 17 years I taught in public schools, private schools, and charter schools. Majority of that time I was a middle school science teacher. I also served as a field science research aid in the mountains of West Virginia in a salamander research project. I left full time teaching about 6 years ago to homeschool my children as we transitioned to life on the mission field. In that time I have been teaching some of the high school sciences at a local homeschool CoOp. I have also taught some on Outschool, a virtual learning format. As a teacher I use the MAWL method: Model, Assist, Watch, Let Go. I will model the method, assist the student, watch the student, and launch them to be independent in the skill. Students will be fully engaged through power point slides, interactive discussion, teacher and student modeling, as well as inspiration from others. I desire to instill in students an eagerness to learn and explore their curiosity about life.

    I was raised in a Christian home and came to know my need for Jesus at about 8 years old. As I entered my teen years I decided to “spice up” my testimony and lived in a way not always pleasing to God. God still somehow used me despite myself and always had ahold of my life. In my early twenties I was diagnosed with an medical condition and at one point was told I would likely not live past the age of 30 and I’d never have children and survive. I clearly remember during that time of medical chaos of treatments and testing and medications God speaking to me. He said, “According to doctors, you have about 6 years left to live. Will you give me those years and allow me to use you?” I feel I totally surrendered my life to Him at that point and every year on my birthday, I give Him that year. So far I’ve outlived the doctors predictions, and chemical medication free, and am the proud wife of two awesome kids. I guess God isn’t done with me yet. I serve as a church plant missionary along side my husband and have served on church staff and overseas and nationally as a missionary.

    I love the great outdoors, gardening, kayaking, hiking, camping. I also love to read and travel. I am a crafter and run a small business using my crafting hobby to help fund my kids and their sports. I love soccer and seeing my son play my sport and am growing to love archery as my daughter has taken to it and shows much promise.

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