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    Hi! I am Jenna and I am a genealogist who loves to help others with their family mysteries!
    I got the idea to teach classes on how to conduct genealogy research when I was helping some friends and needed to break down the steps for them. I have such passion for history and family stories that it has become part of my every day life. I graduated from the University of Memphis with a major in History. My degree helps me to understand what was happening during that time period that I am currently researching.
    I currently work for the University of Memphis in their Library at Special Collections. The Special Collections department is also the archive for the school, so we have many interesting collections, books and artifacts.
    I am currently in the process of becoming an accredited genealogist. I have worked on personal research for 15 years. During this time I have attend many lectures and seminars including talks by Blaine Bettinger- a DNA specialist, Joshua Taylor-Genealogy Roadshow host on PBS, Lisa Louise Cook-Genealogy Gems podcast and blog, Roots Ireland seminar and many more. I have also worked pro bono for clients while building my genealogy business.
    I believe that students should have fun while learning. When a student is excited to take a course, they will receive a greater understanding of the knowledge because they are happy to learn. By being interested in the subject, a student will become more engaged and vocal, while still getting the education they need and deserve.
    I am actually a home school graduate! I am married to an active duty soldier and we have two young children, girl and a baby boy. Being a military family means that with our frequent moves I will probably home school our children when the time comes.

    I was raised in a Southern Baptist household and that is where I learned early on about the grace of God. Being a military family we will be moving often and currently watch sermons online. Another way to refresh myself about God’s word, is by reading the beginner Bible stories to my daughter. While reading her those stories, it is a way to remind myself that God does promise to love us always and He will protect us.

    When I am not taking care of my two small children, I love to read. You can find me reading anything from a scholarly genealogy paper, to a fun, light novel. I also love sports and love to go to the batting cages!
    If the weather is nice, then I want to be outside!

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