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    Teaching Experience

      14 Years

    Field Experience

      14 Years

    I am a homeschooling mom of two girls. My older daughter has been homeschooled since kindergarten, and my younger was homeschooled in the past, but is now doing cyber school. I graduated from Wheaton College (Illinois) with a B.S. in chemistry and a secondary education teaching certificate in chemistry, physics, and physical science. My first teaching job was in Idyllwild, CA, as an instructor of physical science classes and activities at AstroCamp. I learned more about teaching science there than I did student teaching in college!

    Following that, I returned to the East Coast, where I grew up, and taught all the science classes (elementary to high school) for a homeschool co-op, for several years. When my husband and I moved to a different area, I began teaching at a private, traditional school where I taught introductory and honors-level courses in biology, chemistry, physics and physical science. I left classroom teaching when our first daughter was born, but privately tutored several local homeschool students through their high school science courses for a few years before stopping to homeschool my own kids.

    Now that my oldest is in high school, I have been teaching a live honors chemistry and honors physics class in my home for a small group of local homeschool students. This Luma Learn chemistry course is modeled on the chemistry class I have recently developed and taught to those students.

    In addition to science teaching, I have had the privilege of working for 18 years as the Girls’ Camp program director at a Christian, residential summer camp in southeastern Pennsylvania. While I’m no longer able to devote my summer to camp, my husband and I remain involved there as we have opportunity.

    Note: As a new Luma Learn teacher I have no reviews, so you may email me to request contact information for one of the parents of my current students who have agreed to provide a reference.

    I was raised by believing parents, who took our family to church every Sunday and educated us at a private Christian school. I first became aware of my need for Christ in elementary school, but it was not until high school that I really took my faith as my own and began to grow spiritually through personal Bible study, prayer, and discipleship.
    As an adult, I have had the privilege of meeting with a few different mentoring prayer partners (Titus 2 “older women”) regularly for many years. My family and I are members of a PCA church in southeastern Pennsylvania where we have been attending since 2008.
    I have spent much time studying origins science since graduating from college, and am a firm believer in six-day, historical, biblical creation and a relatively young earth. However, this is not something that I teach in chemistry class, as general chemistry is an observational, experimental science that does not touch on theories of origins. We will give God the glory for the intricate and orderly world that He has made, but not discuss differing ideas about its creation.

    I got my first chemistry set as a kid for Christmas. Later Christmases brought more science presents, including a 160-in-1 Electronic Project Kit, a compound light microscope and slides, and rock-hunting equipment. I still have most of those items, but my collection of science equipment and “toys” now takes up three very large drawers in our study. I have always enjoyed exploring God’s world through science, and sharing what I’ve learned with students.
    When I’m not homeschooling or teaching science, I enjoy gardening, playing basketball and trail biking. My husband and I have two daughters, one in high school and the other in middle school.

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