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    Written by husband:
    Helen Green: Artist influencer + mom, wife, sister, daughter saved by grace in Jesus Christ.

    Helen’s work has been described as simplistic beauty with light and airy colors that will add a touch of summer to any room. Raised in Texas under her mom’s easel, Helen has developed her graceful style, which has caught the attention of many and followers from IG @helengracegreenart.

    Her education began at the University of Texas and graduated at the Art Institute of Dallas. Her career began in visual communications department for a high-end specialty store and ending as a senior art director for a national retailer. She left the corporate environment to focus on painting and family. She finds truth, joy and peace through the dwelling and reflecting of scripture that has brought hopes in times of trials. Helen takes time to paint in her studio daily and sometimes with her tween daughter creating by her side.

    Previously, she had mini art camps from home to encourage children to find joy in painting during a 2 hour sessions. Each with devotion, inspiration and snacks. They leave with their painted canvases and a smile!

    Annually, she donates art to silent auction at Scottish Rite hospital. She has been vetted by and will have an art piece sold through a national retailer chain this year (2020). Previously, she would have few pieces sold in local places in DFW area. Also was part of a “Create Team” at a local church that lead a Bible devotion and paint time together with very large group. Also led a devotion weekly art concept for another church for two semesters. I truly love donating my time to encourage other painters.

    Her style is a process and not seeking perfection and freedom in the imperfections from impressionistic to contemporary modern. This style goes hand and hand with interior design and local trends.

    Sweetly rooted in her faith, Helen is moved daily by the beauty that she sees in the world through the eyes of the LORD. It’s amazing the following that she has been blessed with in like-minded people and others that recognize a still small voice in her work.

    Art guide by Helen
    To be specific this year, I hope to guide art o preteen and teen girls (my daughter is turning 13) using trend colors and design to paint current style from sunsets, fields, water to boho chic plants, pet portraits and Anthropology/VSCO girl trend inspired style yet Christian. Learn trending color palettes. My goal is to encourage and leave with stylish art all the while learning some art basics like painting from color wheel or mixing neutrals to tone down color. Focal point, horizon lines to tinting and shading etc. Below is a format I currently use:

    10 min Meet and Greet
    05 min Devotion
    20 min Painting subject intro
    painting and collaborating
    10 min Wrap & follow up

    In 1991, I had just finished up at the Art Institute and working full time at Neiman Marcus. As a young adult, I was confused by so many “religions” and I was challenged by wanting to know how to get to heaven and one true God. One night, I simply got on my knees and prayed whole heartily… ” God if you are really up there…please show me”. The very next day, I was invited to a Bible study in Dallas for young adults. The Lord surrounded me by many Christians to share God’s plan and salvation then I trusted and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Ephesians 2:8,9 opened my eyes to need Him and it’s by God’s grace and not by works touched my heart. That step of faith has been part of my testimony to share God’s good news. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life…no one comes to the Father except through Him (John 14:6). I enjoy reading the One Year Bible (keeps me on track), Sunday school and Church (Bible Church and Baptist background), and fellowship with other Christians. I love to encourage others and have had many Christian inspired Mini Art Camps for children, teens and families.

    Yay, Love family time with my husband and daughter and walking our sheepdog in the neighborhood, painting, fellowship, Etsy, HGTV or Instagram interior design inspirations, Essential Oil Enthusiast, Encouraging others in art process. Currently listening to “Whoah that’s Good” podcast. Bible App (The Bible Recap by D-group) love it!

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