luma learn online course Linguistics teacher Dr. Grace Wood



    Teaching Experience

      8 Years

    Field Experience

      4 Years

    Grace Wood has a PhD in Linguistics and has been teaching since the fall of 2011, at both university and high school levels. Grace absolutely loves to learn and enjoys sharing that love with students, introducing them to the field of linguistics and helping them develop their critical thinking skills. Not only does Grace have years of teaching to draw upon, but she has had the opportunity to live in five diverse countries on three separate continents and to conduct her own research in linguistics. These experiences have allowed her to put the theoretical principles of linguistics into practice, which is turn helps her to impart the real life implications and uses of linguistics to her students.

    I grew up in a Christian household, but still understood that I had to make the decision to follow Christ on my own. I distinctly remember watching my parents and older siblings as they went through life, looking for the ways God was evident to them, wanting to understand what it was that made them desire to follow Him. What I witnessed was God’s constant faithfulness and guiding hand. Every day I gained (and continue to gain) more insight into what being a Christian meant. There is not a particular day I can point to and say, “that was when I became a follower of Christ.” It was a journey of a few years as I gradually grew into faith, and it’s a journey that continues to this day as I seek out God and all He has for me.

    I love traveling. In my opinion one of the best things about studying languages and linguistics is the excuse it gives me to travel. I also enjoy reading, coffee dates with friends, and picnics on warm, sunny days (living in England, these are never to be taken for granted).

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