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Field Experience

    3 Years

Gladys holds a bachelor degree in Astronomy and earned a masters degree in astrophysics from the National Observatory in Brazil. While living in Brazil she worked for two years in Rio’s planetarium for public outreach.
For the last 18 years she has been working as a data analyst in astronomy at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. She has also worked as an adjunct faculty at Towson University teaching astronomy labs and currently she works at Montgomery College where she teaches Astronomy 101 (since 2012).
She is very interested in science education and the development of educational materials.
Recently, together with other professional Christian astronomers she developed a high school curriculum to teach astronomy and introduce students to the science & faith dialogue (for more information about the textbook:
She loves to teach astronomy as it reveals the greatness of God like no other discipline and it is in the architecture of the universe where the strongest evidences of design are unveiled.
She is passionate about challenging students to engage in respectful and thoughtful dialogue with respect to contemporary science and faith discussions and equipping them to defend their faith with confidence and sound reasoning. She loves to inspire and encourage students to fulfill God’s calling in their lives.

My mom used to bring me and my sisters to a Presbyterian church almost every Sunday. Very early in life I understood the message of the Gospel and became a born again Christian.
However, during my first 2 years in college pursuing a career in Astronomy, I went through a deep existential crisis. I remember one day, staring at a photographic plate containing a cluster of galaxies. How shocked I felt. Being aware of how amazing is the wisdom and ingenuity that underlies the laws of physics I would never have a choice of faith towards atheism. I knew there was a Creator for this Universe and I knew He was very POWERFUL. However for 2 long years I was confused about the identity of the Designer of the Universe. If He was an impersonal force or someone I could really have a relationship with. I started to question in a healthy way all the basis of my Christian faith.
After 2 years searching for answers God started to reveal Himself to me in a new way. I started to discover that Jesus still today has power to answer prayers, to heal, to transform lives! In a homeless ministry at the church I was attending I observed deep life transformations. Among the homeless population in Rio you find murderers, drug dealers, robbers, and lonely people completely numb to life. Society looks at them as embarrassing trash, and this is just how they feel about themselves. I saw Jesus accepting and transforming them. Loving them, lifting them up, cleansing them, breaking the strong walls of hatred and rejection in their hearts.
I realized the love and forgiveness offered through Jesus was too generous to be a story invented by humans. Even though I had other crises in life, Jesus kept showing me His grace even when I failed. I’m fascinated by His personality, and by His love and mercy. He is my reason for hope and joy. I could not imagine living without Him.

She resides on a farm in Damascus, Maryland, with her husband and many friendly animals (cats, cows, donkeys, goats, sheep, alpaca…)
In Gladys’ free time she loves to read, plant flowers, bask on the Sun, swim and have some friends over.

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