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    25 Years

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    15 Years

Hello! I am a blessed wife and mom of two, both kids whom I have homeschooled from the beginning. My background is in math, writing, teaching, and Bible. I know it’s an unusual mix of things; let me tell you about my journey: I went to MIT as an undergrad, found the Lord there (see faith journey below), discovered my gift and love of teaching and changed my major to writing (at MIT!). I then got my teacher certification and taught middle school math at a Christian school. I yearned to learn and teach Bible, so I went to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and got my M.A. in New Testament Studies. Thereon, I devoted myself to ministry on staff at the local church- writing and leading inductive Bible Studies and ministering in and leading college, women’s and children’s ministries.

I grew up attending church but not really knowing the Lord. In my high school years, I started seeking meaning and truth. I read philosophy, struggling to find the purpose of life. It wasn’t until college when older believers at a campus ministry prayed for me and eventually invited me to a retreat, that the Gospel of Jesus Christ hit my mind and my heart! I loved the Lord and gave my life to Him fully. Since that time, I have sought to reveal the truth of His love and grace to others through the uncovering of the Scriptures in Bible study and teaching. Our life journey has had its twists and turns, but overall I am learning that He is God, He is good, and I must be still.

I enjoy tutoring students in math. Other than that, I continue to homeschool my daughter, coach speech and debate at our local club, and take walks and talk to my husband as much as I can.

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