Teaching Experience

      20 Years

    Field Experience

      19 Years

    I have been a teacher for twenty years and seeing students become excited about learning never gets old. I want to inspire students to learn and be the best young people they can be by sharing interesting ideas, fostering creativity and encouraging personal Christ like growth as we explore the world together.

    I have professional experience as a Youth Director, Program Director and Teacher for Early Childhood and Youth Programs in church and community settings. I currently teach English as a second language to students in China. I hold a BA in Youth Ministry and Communication and an MS in Human Services. In college, I tutored fellow students in English, history and civics. I have professional and volunteer experience in a variety of areas including teaching painting and jewelry creation, culture appreciation, life science, early American history, literature and literacy. I have been homeschooling my own children for five years as well.

    I offer classes on art, literature, culture, life science, ecology, history and English. We explore these subjects through a fun and encouraging lens by using maps, books, video resources, visual aids, hands on experiments, art projects and lively group discussions. I think it is essential for students to feel support and encouragement in the classroom in order to fuel a desire for learning. My goal is for all my students to adopt a mindset of being a lifelong learner wherever their journey may take them.

    I was very fortunate to grow up in a Christian family. I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior when I was 6 years old. Growing up I had a lot of access to christian education through my church, local camps, and the AWANA program. I have wonderful memories from my childhood and teen years of assisting my pastor’s wife in ministry to senior citizens, serving on our church worship team and helping my parents run our youth group. I felt God’s call to serve him when I was a teen, and though I have been in and out of professional Christian ministry, that call has never changed. I currently am so blessed to be able to share Christ’s love with my students and their families both near and far. I value each day I get to spend being the hands and feet of Jesus in this way.

    Currently I enjoy volunteering as a club leader in my own children’s Penn State 4H Horticulture and Small Animal clubs and serving as a costumed tour guide at a local 1700’s historic tavern museum. I home-school my two daughters also. We are learning Mandarin Chinese as a family. Our other family hobbies include hiking, reading classic literature, showing our four guinea pigs, creating fiber arts, and working in our garden.

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