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    Teaching Experience

      4 Years

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      3 Years

    Hi, I am Denise Thompson and I have a passion for science. I grew up in Central Pennsylvania and attended a local public school through 10th grade. During my 9th grade year, taking Biology I discovered the world sees science differently than I do as a Christian. It was during that year that I really started to question God’s role in science. I don’t think my teacher appreciated my inquisitive nature on these topics. This year lead my parents to the long decision on homeschooling me during my 11th and 12th grade year. I then went on to study Biology at Pensacola Christian College where I earned my B.S. in Biology. This college experience grounded me in my faith and belief on how God and Science DO go together.

    The college required me to take a class on teaching even though I was not an education major. As I ended my college career I laughingly told my friends I will never teach, and I thought the class was silly to have to take. God has a funny way of bringing you to a point you never knew you would love! Following graduation, I began working in a chemistry lab as an assistant. This lab also offered testing in microbiology, which is where I moved to after sometime in the chemistry lab. My experience working in a lab situation only helps me understand what the work force is looking for when hiring a science professional.

    Years later my family moved, and I located a Christian school in our area that happened to need a science teacher. I struggled with the decision on applying, but I need a job. The rest is history. I discovered a love for teaching others science I didn’t know I had. My family says it fit because I always was going around saying things like, “Did you know a baby elephant takes 6 months or more to learn how to use their trunk fully.” Teaching is simply sharing information with someone else. I would love the opportunity to share with your student!

    Through these different situations God has lead me here to Luma Learn! I am currently homeschooling my own children and understand the PA state law on what counts as a credit for a high school class. My experience as a homeschool student, chemist, high school science teacher, and now homeschool mom allows me to be prepared to help you homeschool your child in the scientific realm. My course will allow the parent still have control of their student’s education in areas, because let’s face it we homeschool for the flexibility to know what our own child needs. I would like to work with you as the parent to educate your child.

    My faith journey began when I was a young child. I grew up in a Christian family, which has allowed God to always be apart of my life. When I was young, my mom explained the gospel of Jesus Christ to me in her room and I accepted Him as my Savior. I don’t remember how old I was I just have a foggy memory of sitting with her in her room saying yes and agreeing with whatever it was she said. When my family moved from Ohio to Pennsylvania when I was 4 we struggled to find a church we liked. After attending a church that kept saying “Are you sure you don’t want to find a church closer to your home”, my dad stopped going and looking. My mom says I would ask every week if we were going to church. At the age of 10(ish) I started to go to church with a friend from school and my parents were “guilted” into finding a church again. That is when we found the church we are still part of today. After finding Calvary, I rededicated my life to serving the Lord and followed in believer’s baptism. By being baptized I was able to only further show the sincerity of the decision I made at a young age to have Jesus as my Savior. My husband serves the Lord as the Pastor of the church I grew up in. It is a blessing to serve the Lord and share His love with others.

    My family and I enjoy the outdoors together. Kayaking, hiking, and camping are some of our favorite pass times.

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