Teaching Experience

    4 Years

Field Experience

    8 Years

Hi, I’m Jael. You might be able to tell from my name that I grew up in a Christian family (Judges 4). My family moved to China when I was four to become missionaries, and we lived there for eight and a half years. My sister was born in China in fact! Being a homeschool kid, missionary’s kid, a third culture kid will always be a big part of who I am. When we moved back to America, I attended public high school, and I’m a senior at the University of Wyoming where I’m studying Spanish and Chinese.

I’ve been teaching for a long time. As a kid I taught English and “Vampire” (a language of my own devising) to my friends while we lived in China. As a teen, I taught Sunday School for ages 0-12. (Sometimes all in the same class, yikes!) In high school and college I’ve tutored math for students and deciphered common core for parents. I am certified to teach English as a second language and English as a foreign language. Since August 2019, I’ve taught English online for Chinese kids and Chinese online with Zoom for American kids. I am certified to teach English as a second language and English as a foreign language. As a teacher I focus on communicative task-based learning– in other words we use language for the real world. Homework won’t be drills or repetition, it’ll be for real life situations. All ages from preschool through high school are welcome. Languages are my true passion and my personal experiences with mission work inspire me to share that language so that people can share the gospel.

My journey with faith was rather like water to a fish at first–taken for granted. Because my parents were missionaries, the gospel took precedence in my Bible learning; my parents frequently bemoaned that I wasn’t sure who Elijah was, but I could easily explain Romans 6. Since matters of conversion were forefront in my life, I never had any doubts about how or why to be saved, but my heart hadn’t been hit. When I realized that I was accountable for my own sin, it was like taking a steamroller to a water balloon. My faith has been a done deal ever since. There have been times I was farther from the Lord than I should have been, but He’s always there when I get turned around. When times are tough and I doubt, He’s always there.

I love knitting, drinking tea, reading fantasy, and baking. I’m going for my black belt in Taekwondo next year and I’m so excited!

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