Teaching Experience

      35 Years

    Field Experience

      45 Years

    I’m a follower of Christ; mom to three grown children; a wife to a fun and loving man; and a Grammy to a beautiful three year old granddaughter and a brand new grandson. I have loved children for as long as I can remember. My goal in life is to love well, teach well, and point others to Jesus.

    I have worked with children in, one form or another, since 1973. I received my Bachelors of Education degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood from Southwest Baptist University in 1985. I have additional extensive training in Social Emotional Learning, Trauma Based Care, Expeditionary Learning and Christian Deeper Learning.

    I have directed a large daycare center (with over 150 children); owned my own Christian preschool (with 24 children); worked as Lead Teacher and Assistant Director of a private Christian center (with 40 children); tutored children from 6-18 years of age; babysat over thousands of hours where I engaged children in fun activities that stimulated them to explore their world around them; written my own Christian curriculum on three different occasions (for a total of four one-year long curricula and one three-year long curriculum). Most recently, I was responsible for creating our school’s distance learning curriculum for the final eight week’s of school. We maintained 100% engagement of our students throughout the entire eight weeks, with 100% parent encouragement and support.

    I believe that social emotional skills are the core of education and must be taught alongside the academics. I begin every class with a greeting, of some form. This provides every child the opportunity to be heard and to be recognized by every other person in the class. It is so important for children to feel included and welcomed by not only the teacher, but their peers as well. This also establishes a foundation of trust and respect for each other, when sharing ideas, during class.

    In addition, I believe that children learn best by doing, especially those younger than seven. Children are born with a natural sense of wonder and will learn when given the opportunity to explore, ask questions and come to their own conclusions. My job, as a teacher is to guide them in their learning, to ensure they base these conclusions on evidence. We will learn by exploring our world around us, whether we are in our living rooms, at a table, outside, on the beach, in the mountains, or in our beds. Students will have opportunities to engage in many different hands on activities, using items they have at home, or wherever they are.

    I love to get silly with the children. I may be a Grammy but sometimes I feel like I am just a little kid who never grew up. I live in the mountains of Colorado and I absolutely love the snow. One of my favorite things to do is to make snow angels. Whenever it snows, my preschool kids and I would make snow angels together and then we would have a great big snow ball fight.

    I accepted Christ at the age of six. I had a very abusive father and I thought if I asked Jesus into my heart, my dad would finally love and accept me. Maybe he would finally see that I was good…that I was lovable. Nothing changed in my relationship with my dad but I continue to strive for his acceptance and approval, my entire life. Because of his rejection, I was never really sure of God’s acceptance. So, I was always striving for God’s acceptance too. I did everything I knew to be a “good” Christian. Yet, I always doubted my salvation.
    When, I was 46 years old, I was listening to an audio book. The book talked about nailing down our salvation so that we never doubted it again. That day, I chose to make Jesus Lord of my life…not because I thought my dad would accept or love me…but because I wanted to belong fully and completely to God. It wasn’t about trying to please anybody anymore. It wasn’t about trying to gain anybody’s acceptance. It was about completely surrendering my life to Christ. Since that day, I have never doubted that Christ lived in me and that I was His!
    I continue to grow in Him, day by day. It is a relationship that requires work, just like every relationship. It requires me spending time in HIs Word and talking with Him. The more time I spend with Him, the closer I grow in Him…and the more He shines through me.

    Taking walks
    Bike Riding
    Spending time with my grandkids

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