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      4 Years

    Field Experience

      40 Years

    I am a retired computer engineer and entrepreneur turned teacher and pastor. After retiring from a successful career in a variety of business and technical ventures, I have been teaching live classes full time on various platforms for the last 4 years. I have been professionally a speaker, writer, executive, and teacher for decades in the business world. With a wide variety background, I can and do successfully teach a vast array of topics.

    I believe firmly in “understanding” as the foundation of learning. Understanding should precede skill building and memorization of facts. Understanding is the foundation of successful education. All of my classes focus on presenting the complex principles and concepts in a fun, interesting, understandable manner using real world analogies. These lecture classes are primarily interactive whiteboarding with audience participation. The “hands on” classes are teacher guided student activities where “learn by doing” is the goal.

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    I also teach after school online clubs on computer science and electronics at other online schools.

    I am a pastor of a church in central texas, and a lifelong christian. I hold to very conservative bible based views of life and science. I strongly believe that the bible has the answers in principles and concepts applicable to anything we face or question today.

    My goal is to bring a straightforward approach to thinking, problem solving, and learning to the disciplines that I teach.

    Artificial intelligence
    Crypto currency
    Auto mechanics
    Small farm animal husbandry
    Working with people
    Teaching children and adults

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