Teaching Experience

    10 Years

Field Experience

    10 Years

I have been teaching for 10 years in a variety of formats and to several types of learners. I taught one year of ESL in China which taught me a great deal about another country and culture. I have taught mostly online, but some face-to-face at several different universities over the last decade and really enjoy doing so. I primarily teach history and have taught US History, Western Civilization, 20th Century History, and National Government on a university level. I’ve taught Economics, Government, Psychology, Sociology, US and World History on a high school level. For the last 7 years I have taught high school full-time in WI.

I was born into a Christian family but realized by the age of 16 that I was a sinner that needed to be saved. My sin was grievous to God even though I was overall a “good boy”. I realized that my prayers, family, church and good works couldn’t save me but instead I needed to ask God to forgive me and trust that Christ would take away my sin via his shed blood that covers all sin. I did this at the age of 16 and my life changed. My attitude about life changed, I desired to help others and be a blessing and I simply became a new creature like the New Testament says happens when God forgives you. Now I want to do what is right and tell others about God!

I love to spend time with my family, go on walks, read books (non-fiction mostly!), bounce on the trampoline with my kids sometimes and get together with friends/church members.

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