Teaching Experience

      8 Years

    Field Experience

      30 Years

    Hi! I am the former Education Director at Germantown Community Theatre. My passion is helping students learn that “Yes I can” is achievable. I have worked in various areas of education most of my adult life including 10 years as a college recruiter, 15 years as a theatre director, and 17 years as a teacher’s aide. I am also very active at church teaching Bible classes, writing scripts for VBS and other events, and have even taught Bible to women in the local correctional facility.

    I began my journey as the first daughter of two first generation Christian parents who loved God and wanted their children to know Him. I became a Christian in middle school, struggling in high school as many kids do. Since then I have taken the journey seriously, stumbling from time to time, but extremely glad that I know the Lord and trust Him to care for me.

    I enjoy directing youth theatre productions, and on rare occasions do some acting myself. I love to listen to music from symphonic to pop, and to occasionally read a good mystery.

    Currently, there are no courses.